The first half of the Free Fire City Open Play-Ins has just ended yesterday. 12 squads from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Kolkata have competed over 6 matches. In this article, we are going to recap the event and list out everything you need to know about the winners and MVP.

About FFCO Play-ins 1

As expected from a contest of champions, the FFCO Play-Ins 1 was an extremely close affair. The winner, Assassin Clutchgods collected 63 points and 25 kills. They only have 3 points more than the runner up, Genxforce. This trend continues downward, with teams being extremely close in points to each other. No team has managed to win a second booyah.

Rule Breakers, runner up of Kolkata Finals, were the biggest letdown with a 10th place finish, despite getting 1 booyah.

Final Standings
The Final Standings of FFCO Play Ins 1: Assassin Clutchgods take the first spot with 63 points total.

The top 6 teams of FFCO Play-ins 1 qualified for the City Play-ins Finals, scheduled on July 30. The 2nd Free Fire City Open Play-in event will take place on July 27, with the top 12 teams from the 4 other city finals compete for the remaining six play-ins finals spots.

FFCO Play-ins 1 MVPs

AY Esports Nayan won the MVP award for inflicting 4905 damage and eliminating 11 opponents. Tex.Suraj comes second with 10 kills and 4781 damage. GXF.Jarvis deals 700 less damage and has only 9 kills, taking the 3rd spot. This is one of the few tournaments with the top 5 MVP all from different teams.

MVP Standings off FFCO Play-Ins 1: Nayan rules the table with 11 kills.

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FFCO Play-ins 1 Recap

  • Rule Breakers claimed the first match on Bermuda with an impressive 12 kills. The Extremee was the second-best team with 7 frags, but they were eliminated fairly early. MBG Titans claim the 2nd spot.
  • MBG Titans win the 2nd match on Purgatory with 7 kills. Their top player, Teju, bagged the MVP award. Despite having only 8 kills, Teju is the player who deals the most damage in this tournament.
  • The 3rd match on Kalahari was claimed by Conqueror with a whopping 13 kills. The Extremee once again claimed the 2nd spot.
  • The 4th match on Bermuda has Godlike came out on top with 7 kills. Extremee came close behind with 8.
  • Assassin Clutchgods finally won a booyah in the fifth match with 9 kills.
  • The final match of the day was won by Genxforce, with a whopping 12 frags. Assassin Clutchgods secured 2nd place with 6 kills - the final two matches are what make them the winners.

Qualified teams for the City Play-ins Finals

These teams will have the chance to advance to the next round of Free Fire National Finals. They only have one round of Play-Ins Finals left to get through.

  1. Assassin Clutchgods
  2. GenXforce
  3. Team Revolution
  4. Godlike
  5. The Extremee
  6. AY Esports

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