It is one thing for a random person to use cheat in a normal game in Free Fire, but pro players using cheating during a tournament is just unbelievable. After the first 2 bans in the Free Fire Scrim Wars of “ETG•ASHWATMA” from Entity Gaming and “ZACK•TSG” from TSG Army on May 14, the anti-cheat system of Free Fire detected abnormal behaviors from 6 other pro players.

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Cheating in the pro scene of Free Fire is a very serious matter and shouldn't be taken lightly

According to the official statement of Garena, all of them will be banned from all Free Fire tournaments until May 15, 2021. Also, all the prize money they earned through this tournament will be given to the next best teams instead.

Here is the list of 6 players who got detected using cheat by Free Fire:

  • Dada Thakur fromTeam Insane
  • Mr.Perfect from Team Insane
  • NMR-TOV9 from Team Nightmare
  • WT-NOOB from Western Tiger
  • Arrow Prit from WWW
  • ANISHRAJ from Dilwale

Dada Thakur and Mr.Perfect were detected on May 8 while the other four players were detected on May 14.

The team was sponsored by Entity Gaming recently and now they are ruining the reputation of the organization

Free Fire pro players are supposed to be the leaders of the Free Fire community and this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Their actions are such a shame and in my opinion, they should be banned from any Free Fire tournament for life and not only one year.

The esports scene is very important for Free Fire to grow in India. No one really wants to watch competitive games with full of cheaters or even worse, won by cheaters. This matter should not be taken lightly at all to set an example for other players.

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