Free Fire’s upcoming OB22 update is almost here – with registrations for the Advance Server already began. If you have registered for a slot in the server, you can download the advance client now on its official website.

free fire ob22 update details
Free Fire OB22 Update Details

The official release date for Free Fire OB22 Update is still pending, but based on the leaks from other servers, it is going to be out on June 3. The new Gold Royale Pass would be a part of the update as well, bringing a couple of cosmetics options. In this article, we would compile out all leaks for upcoming updates into a master post.

1 - Free Fire OB22 Update: New Characters

There have been quite a few rumors floating around about Lucas being the new character added to the next patch, but Free Fire devs have debunked that theory by introducing Wolfrahh. However, all hope is not lost, as it is possible for them to add 2 characters into the game in one patch.

ff new update ob22
Free Fire OB22 Update Full Details: the current Incubator event

Free Fire Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh is confirmed by a post on the official Twitter account of Free Fire Brazil. The guy has a completely different style to Lucas - he actually looks like a social media influencer or streamer. With a literal "Subscribe" message embedded in his attire, the lore behind this character is going to be very interesting - there hasn't been any character with this type of background before in battle royale games.

free fire wolfrahh
Free Fire New update OB22: Wolfrahh character added to the game

Wolfrahh's ability is named "Center of Attention". Despite what the name might imply, the ability would reduce Wolfrahh's headshot damage in exchange for a higher body shot damage. This is pretty much a straightforward damage increase, as headshots would probably kill your enemies anyway, even with the reduction in power. With this ability, it is best to equip this character with weapons that can spray rapidly, as you would get more body shots that way.

Free Fire new character Lucas

Garena has been hinting about the inclusion of Lucas ever since the Kapella patch - the character is based on a pro soccer player from Brazil. It is actually pretty weird that they would take a random guy instead of any other famous footballer from the country.

free fire new character lucas
Free Fire OB22 update Full details: looks like Lucas character in Free Fire is not going to be added after all

Free Fire new character Lucas' unique ability is supposed to be "Hat-trick", which increases players' maximum HP pool every time they score a kill. This is actually pretty overpowered for rush-style players, as they can just snowball out of control after a few early kill. To balance the character, Lucas in Free Fire is going to start out with only 200 HP, slightly lower than characters with the same play style. The best way to use Lucas character in Free Fire is probably to try to land as fast as possible, grab a gun and hunt for players.

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2 - Free Fire OB22 Update: Gun King Mode

In thí new mode, 8 players would fight to the death in a very small area on Bermuda. Each player would begin with a knife and battle until they cycle out all the weapons on the list. You would need to get 28 kills with 14 weapons. After a certain number of kills, the current weapon they are using would be swapped out for another. The game can also end if the timer runs out – in this case, the person with the highest number of kills would win the game - the time limit is 10 mins for each match.

free fire new update ob22
Free Fire New Update OB22: The Gun King mode might be a permanent addition to the game

For melee weapons like a knife, players would only need to make a single kill, while for weapons like an AR, they would have to make 3 kills. This is an attempt to balance out the game mode for the melee weapons. Overall, if you failed to get kills at the start of the game, it would be pretty hard to catch up, as without a ranged weapon, scoring a kill is next to impossible. Killed players would automatically revive at a random location on the map.

free fire ob22 update date
Free Fire OB22 update date: Gun King mode is currently online for players to try for a week

In order to beat this mode, you would have to be able to get the first kill in order to switch out of the knife as fast as possible. If you are killed, it is best to hide in some corner waiting for people to run into you at melee range. It is next to impossible to chase people down and kill them with a knife.

3 - Free Fire OB22 Update: New Wolf Pet, Helicopter and Drone

Based on the silhouette of the pet, it looks like Free Fire players are going to get a new wolf follower. There is no name available yet, however.

Free Fire OB22 update expected release date
Free Fire OB22 update expected release date: The drone is going to be a pretty curious addition to the game, as it would scout the whole area

A few sources from Free Fire Brazil spoke about the introduction of flying vehicles like helicopters into Free Fire. This is probably an attempt to follow up on Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile's helicopters - they will probably stay in the arcade section, however, as flying is not balanced at all. A drone might also be part of the update as well - with its appearance in the story video of Kelly.

free fire ob22 download
Free Fire OB22 download: a new helicopter might be a part of Free Fire's new event

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4- Free Fire OB22 Update: New M82B Gun and Summer Lobby

It is likely that the FF OB22 update would be based on the Summer theme, as the patch is going to land smack in the middle of June, the usual time for a summer theme and event. Free Fire has been doing those every year.

free fire ob22 update date
Free Fire OB22 Update Date: the new M82B sniper rifle would be added into the game on June 3

A new Sniper Rifle named M82B would be available in the upcoming patch - not much information is available about the gun yet, but it is going to be an Airdrop-only item. They are going to test the gun on classic maps first, of course.

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