Free Fire vs PUBG Lite, which one is better to play? If you couldn’t make up your mind, let’s check out this review and PUBG Lite vs Free Fire comparison of This review may help you to choose a suitable game that fits your device and your taste of the game.

Free Fire vs PUBG Lite Size And Gameplay

PUBG Lite is a lite version of PUBG which is smaller in size. In addition, Tencent and PUBG Corp. also launched PUBG Mobile lite with a smaller size for PUBG Mobile player. If the PUBG Mobile can only run on high-standard devices with above 3GB RAM, you can play PUBG Mobile Lite on medium devices. Now, let’s see PUBG Lite vs Free Fire which is better for your smartphone here.

Pubg Mobile Lite gamplay
PUBG Mobile Lite Has Lots Of Updates

You can choose one of the two games, PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire, to play on the devices with 1GB or 2GB RAM. In PUBG Mobile Lite, you can play the game in HDR graphics quality, making everything in this game pretty realistic. This version of PUBG Mobile is only about 600MB after installation.

Free Fire is a little lighter with only 400MB. While in PUBG Mobile Lite, 60 players join the match to find out the last winner, in Free Fire, there are 50 players in a match. They also land on the ground, run around for loots, and fight to survive. The gameplay is not much different between PUBG Lite vs Free Fire. Both these games are free to play with solo, duo, and also squad modes.

Free Fire Starting Scene
Free Fire Continuously Updates New Contents

Free Fire vs PUBG Lite: Weapons

Guns in both PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and their lite versions are made base on the real guns at the highest realistic level. It makes the fire sound of those guns sound extremely good. You can also use many scopes, such as Red Dot, 2x, 3x for short and medium-range fight, to 4x, 6x, or even 8x for long-range shots. There are also four main types of guns in PUBG Lite, including SMG, AR, SR, and shotgun like the full version.

pubg characters
PUBG Mobile Lite Has Full Set Of PUBG Weapons

Besides, recoil is a great problem for players, especially newbies. So, the devs also give players some attachments, such as suppressor and compensator.

In comparison between Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Lite, the sound of the gun in Free Fire is less realistic. Moreover, scope 4x is the largest scope in Free Fire, which cannot help you much in long-range combat. The recoil of Free Fire guns is also higher, so you need to practice to control the bullet spray perfectly.

Free Fire Weapons
Free Fire Also Has Lot Of Weapons But They Sound Not Realistic

Free Fire vs PUBG Lite: Map

A Free Fire's new map Kalahari has come over a month ago. And now, there are three maps in Free Fire Classic mode, including Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Lite has only two maps taken from the full version. Now there is a small Erangel map with 2x2km in size and new Vikendi map having come in the update 0.16.0. Besides, these two games also have arcade mode with continuously updated content and added maps.

Free Fire Kalahari map
Free Fire Has A New Map Kalahari

PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire: Players And Bots

In PUBG Mobile Lite, there are more bots than in Free Fire. Especially, you will meet pretty more bots which the devs provided you to for training. But when you rank up, the number of real players in a match increases and the number of bots drops.

Pubg Mobile Lite Bots
PUBG Mobile Lite Has More Bots

Comparing PUBG Lite vs Free Fire, we can see that there are more real players in a match than bots. Moreover, the bots in Free Fire are also more dangerous with better shooting skills. So, it makes the battle more realistic and better for true players who want to fight with pros.

Free Fire vs PUBG Lite: Vehicles

The devs of PUBG and PUBG Mobile bring most of the real vehicle into these games, from scooters to armored tanks, from boats to helicopters. It makes the battle more realistic and exciting. Most of this vehicle collection is also brought into lite games to give players more experience.

Free Fire Vehicles
Free Fire Has Updated The Vehicles

Free Fire also has vehicles, like cars, motorbikes, boats, and ziplines. So, you can move faster both on the ground and in the water. But these vehicles are not realistic and make the game seem to be cartoonish than PUBG Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire: Character

In Free Fire, the characters are fixed and you can only change their outfits to make them look different. Moreover, each Free Fire character has a special ability which can be upgraded by experience points and other means. The devs also give these characters a unique bundle and a backstory to make the game plot more interesting. They want to make the game like an action movie where you are actors and actresses. Each character in Free Fire has different purposes when joining this battle but their last common target is to survive.

Pubg Lite Characters
PUBG Lite Characters Are Normal People

In comparison Free Fire vs PUBG Lite, PUBG games don’t have any plot for each character. It’s just a battle of unknown players who are normal people. In logging into the game, you can create your own character by choosing one of some faces, skin colors, and hairstyles. Moreover, there isn’t any unique outfit for only one character. You can put in any clothes for your character regardless of the genders or races. In addition, there is also no special ability for PUBG characters to upgrade. It makes the game fairer when everyone is normal people and has the same starting point.

Free Fire Characters
Free Fire Characters Have Special Abilities

Those are some outstanding similarities and differences between Free Fire vs PUBG Lite. In short, both of these games have some advantages over the other. If you prefer a battleground of normal people and enjoy realistic graphics and sound, you should play PUBG Mobile Lite. But if you want to have a character with a special ability and fight with more real players, let’s play Free Fire.

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