Free Fire new map Kalahari has come to Free Fire on January 1st, 2020 in the new Elite Pass Season 19. This Free Fire new map update 2020 brings players new gaming experience in Free Fire with brand new terrain, weather, and arrangement. Let’s check out this new Free Fire map and things you keep in mind before landing on Kalahari here with

Free Fire New Map Kalahari Features

Kalahari is a desert map coming to Free Fire recently which is also the smallest map among three existing maps in this game, including Purgatory and Bermuda. Landing on this map, you will see different terrain and weather here with more hills and high rock cliffs. Kalahari is a real place in South Africa which is located mainly in Botswana, partially in Namibia and South Africa.

Free Fire New Map Kalahari
Free Fire New Map Kalahari Has Come With New Graphics, Locations, And Terrain

This new map is available for players to try in the advanced server. It brings you new houses, trees, roads, and graphics, new weapons, and gameplay, too. If you also play many games on PUBG Mobile’s Miramar desert, you will see a familiar location on this Kalahari map: the Military Base. Like the Military Base in PUBG Mobile, this location on the desert Kalahari is also a hotspot with lots of the best loots.

The Free Fire dev also brought the Ziplines in Purgatory to this new map of Free Fire. This new means of transportation came to Free Fire last year. It can be a favorite way of moving in this desert Kalahari where there are lots of high hills and mountains. The new Elite Pass Season 19 and Free Fire updates 2020 also bring lots of new features.

Moreover, this new map also has a brand new shield gun which literarily has a shield in the muzzle. This new weapon is very useful when you are traversing without covers. However, the ammo damage is decreased. In addition, there is a new desert motorbike that was designed solely for this Garena Free Fire new map. With special design for the unique terrain in Kalahari, this new vehicle helps you traverse faster and more safely.

Free Fire New Map Gameplay

This Free Fire new map Kalahari is smaller in size, so the combat often takes place earlier than in the Free Fire Bermuda map. So, you should land in residential areas or houses to loot weapons, armors, and other supplies to get ready for the battles. Military Base is definitely a high-risk spot because there are lots of good loots here. If you are not ready for early combat with pro players, you should head to less crowded places, such as small houses in the desert or the broken ship.

Free Fire New Map
The New Map Kalahari Has Lots Of Mountains, Cacti, And Palm Trees

Unlike in Purgatory and Bermuda maps, there are not many big trees for covering in Kalahari. Instead, there are big cacti and palm trees on the map. At the first look at Kalahari, you can see that it’s pretty similar to Miramar desert in PUBG Mobile with high rock mountains surrounding desolate residential districts.

Free Fire New Map
The Desert Looks Stunning In The SunSet

You should watch out the enemies camping on those rock cliffs which are ideal places for snipers to stay in ambush. In the trailer of Free Fire new update 2020, Garena also gave players that ideal ambush spot. In that video, Miguel lied on the top of the rock mountain and aimed at Andrew’s head with the strongest sniper rifle gun, AWM attached with an 8x scope.

Free Fire New Map
There Are Many Roads Connecting Different Places In Kalahari

Moreover, this Free Fire new map has a dense network of roads connecting different places on the map together. But many players choose to run through deserts, hills, and valleys where they can find covers more easily.

Tips and Tricks For Free Fire New Map

Firstly, Kalahari is a small map with fewer trees and houses. So you prepare enough gloo wall grenades, or a shield gun to create covers. You can also make use of palm trees or cacti in the desert, but they are not very ideal places to hide.

Free Fire New Map
If you are not ready for early combat, land on the low-risk places like Broken Ship

Next, it would be riskier when moving on the road because you may get shot from houses or mountains. Choosing to traverse between cliffs and buildings is a wiser idea because it’s harder for enemies to shoot at you.

Free Fire New Map
Be Careful With Snipers Around You

Then, Free Fire new map Kalahari is an ideal map for pro snipers, which was also unveiled in the trailer. It’s because there are lots of high places to stay in ambush and camp. Especially, you can lie in high cliffs and aim at the opponents running on the lower places. If you like to play as a sniper and shoot down enemies quietly, loot a good sniper rifle gun, such as Kar98k or AWM, and a 6x or 8x scope. To hide your position, attach your SR gun with a silencer.

Free Fire New Map
Free Fire New Map Kalahari Is An Ideal Land For Snipers

Those are things you should keep in mind to play like a pro in Free Fire new map Kalahari. There are also some tips and tricks for players to get ready with the new map of Free Fire. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as tips and tricks to play Free Fire like a pro, let’s visit