Free Fire New Update – Released on December 4, 2017, Garena Free Fire has been in top hot Battle Royale game for nearly two years. To keep gamers' participation, Garena constantly updates in many aspects, including events, new characters, gameplay, weapons, and lots of attractive rewards. This free fire update news is going to list things you should know about OB20, the Free Fire update version launched on February 12th, 2020. Check out this update here with

Free Fire New Update of Characters

In the teaser video of rap single T.R.A.P, Garena introduced four new characters coming to Free Fire this year. And in this OB20 Update, a new female character is launching with new skills and gameplay. You can experience this Free Fire new update today.

Free Fire New Character Steffie
Free Fire New Character Steffie

The new character named Steffie is a pro graffiti artist. She is coming to Free Fire with her stunning 'Graffiti Artist' set and unique ability. This female character can reduce damage from the explosion and bullet by drawing graffiti.

The graffiti artist Steffie can reduce the damage from an explosion by 15% and from bullets by 5% in five seconds at level one. But when you upgrade this character to the maximum level, you can reduce explosive damage by 25% and ammo damage by 7.5% in ten seconds. The cool-down time of this skill is 45 seconds.

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Steffie Is A Graffiti Artist
Steffie Is A Graffiti Artist

Free Fire Update in Gameplay

The Garena Free Fire new update OB20 brings players a lot of exciting experience with new game modes. You will have more choice to enjoy the game with brand new gameplay. Moreover, this Free Fire new version also has a new map.

New Desert Map Kalahari

Free Fire new update OB20 has a brand new desert map called Kalahari. In the advanced server, this map looks really stunning. As introduced, Kalahari is the smallest map among three existing maps in Free Fire. Like other previous maps, this Free Fire new map also has a number of buildings and constructions for looting. Besides, there is a giant network of roads linking many spots on the map together.

Garena Launches Free Fire New Kalahari Desert Map
Garena Launches Free Fire New Kalahari Desert Map

New Bomb Squad Mode

In addition to a new desert map, the dev team of Garena also adds a new Bomb Squad mode to this Free Fire new update version OB20. In this new game mode, two teams will fight against each other. One team takes the role of the attacker while the other plays the part of the defender. The roles of the two teams will be swapped in each round. 

Free Fire OB20 Update Reveals New Bomb Squad Mode
Free Fire OB20 Update Reveals New Bomb Squad Mode You can

When the game starts, the attacker will set an explosive bomb in a given spot and protect it until the explosion. Meanwhile, the defending team will try to prevent the bomb from exploding. The team winning more games after seven rounds will get the ultimate victory. It seems to be pretty similar to the TDM mode in CS: GO where the counter-terrorists fight against terrorists. You can read more about this Bomb Squad mode here.

New Gun King Mode

Another exciting game mode added to this Free Fire update is Gun King Mode. It's also a match of two squads whose mission is upgrading their weapons. And the winner is the one who reaches the maximum level of the weapon first. The two teams in a Gun King match share the same weapon upgrade route.

Free Fire New Update Gun King Mode
Free Fire New Update: Gun King Mode

At the beginning of the game, players of two teams will be given knives to fight. You will get a kill badge for each kill to upgrade your weapon. And when you upgrade your knife, the first level weapon, to a bat, the maximum level weapon, you win the game. As mentioned in the name of the game mode, the winner is the Gun King.

Other Features In OB20 Free Fire Update Version

A New Shield Gun

This OB20 update brings Free Fire players a new weapon called 'Shield Gun'. This gun literally has a shield on the muzzle to prevent the coming ammo from opponents. It will be very useful when you cannot find any cover. However, this new weapon has a disadvantage: low damage output.

Garena Free Fire Introduces A New Shield Gun
Garena Free Fire Introduces A New Shield Gun

It's understandable because if this new gun has high damage, it will be an undefeatable weapon in this game. And players will be prone to use it instead of finding other guns. Of course, the dev team doesn't hope to see players forget other weapons they launched in Free Fire maps.

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New TeamCode Feature

This new feature works similarly to the room mode in PUBG Mobile. To create a squad quickly, a player will generate a team code. Other players can use the code to navigate the team and join the squad. This new feature will let players create a team quickly. You can invite a new friend out of your friend list to join your squad by giving him the team code.

New Emote

Moreover, the Free Fire new update OB20 also has new emotes, such as I Heart You, The Swan, Aim, Fire!, and Bon Appetit. You can check them out below:

I Heart You Emote
I Heart You Emote

New Emote The Swan
New Emote The Swan

Aim Fire
Aim, Fire!

Bon Appetit
The New Emote: Bon Appetit

In addition, the Factory of Bermuda Map is also revamped in this Free Fire new update today, including towers, roofs, etc. Moreover, the developers also expand the number of spectators to 16 in the Custom Room. They also add a new World Recruit option in team recruit feature, allowing players to team up with players from other countries. You can learn more about new Free Fire updates coming in 2020 here.

Above are many details about OB20, Free Fire new update released on February 12th, 2020. To update the latest game news and useful tips for gamers, visit our website.