PUBG has always been among the top battle royale games since it was released, no doubt about that. One key factor that keeps this game standing on the top for so long is that this game offers both the PC version and the mobile version separately. Each version of this battle royale title is so famous and successful that there are numerous esports tournaments for each version of the game.

However, there are many battle royale titles that are competing really hard with PUBG. One of those games is Free Fire by Garena. The competition between PUBG vs Free Fire has been going on for quite some time now. In this article, will go deeper to talk about the differences between these 2 titles to find out that between PUBG vs Free Fire which is better.

PUBG vs Free Fire comparison
PUBG vs Free Fire, which is the better battle royale mobile game?

Also, in this article, we will mainly discuss the differences between PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire because Free Fire is a mobile game only (although both games have their emulator versions on PC).

PUBG vs Free Fire: Graphics Features

To be fair, the graphics of both Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile is quite okay for a battle royale game on the mobile platform. PUBG Mobile and Free Fire can bring you smooth gaming experience with the graphics level of each game.

PUBG vs Free Fire
Graphics of PUBG Mobile looks really realistic

However, we do have to admit that the graphics level of PUBG Mobile is way much better than what Free Fire can offer. It will not be too much to say that PUBG Mobile can offer a much more realistic gaming experience than Free Fire, thanks to its advanced graphics level.

free fire vs pubg
Graphics of Free Fire is much more basic than PUBG

If you want to see how better the graphics level of PUBG Mobile is, in comparison with Free Fire, look at the water design of these two games. We are not saying that the water design in Free Fire is terrible, but water in PUBG is way much better, no doubt about that.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Jumping from the Plane

All battle royale games, regardless of PC or mobile platform, start in a quite similar way: players jumping down from the sky. In both PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire, players of the games will jump out of a plane to the battleground of the game. But as we have mentioned above, you will have more options for skins for your plane in PUBG Mobile, thanks to the better graphics level of the game.

Free Fire vs pubg
Jumping out of the plane in Free Fire, you can see how basic the map is
PUBG vs Free Fire
Jumping out of the plane in PUBG Mobile, you can see how detailed the map is

PUBG vs Free Fire comparison: In-game Vehicles

Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile offer their players with multiple choices of vehicles. Both two games have cars, ships, motorcycles for their players to choose. But then PUBG Mobile can offer more. Besides the aforementioned vehicles choices (Free Fire players can only choose those listed vehicles), PUBG Mobile players also have buggies, ships, and many more to choose.

Free Fire vs pubg
Car in Free Fire has basic outlook
PUBG vs Free Fire
Car in PUBG Mobile looks much more "military"

PUBG vs Free Fire: Device requirements for those two games

From the beginning of this article, we have bashed Free Fire by Garena a lot, as well as praising PUBG Mobile. No bias here, we merely tell you the truth. And but here is the thing that Free Fire does better than PUBG Mobile: Free Fire will require fewer spec requirements from your smartphone, in comparison with PUBG Mobile.

Free Fire by Garena only takes about 500MB of your smartphone storage, and this game can comfortably run in smartphones with 1GB of RAM. This is still a battle royale game, so it will certainly consume a lot of your battery and heat up your smartphone, but in a moderate amount.

Free Fire vs pubg
Water design in Free Fire looks kinda fake

On the other hands, PUBG Mobile takes up to nearly 2GB of your smartphone storage, and only smartphones with 2GB of RAM or more can run this game. However, in big combat, even a 2GB Ram smartphone cannot handle the game smoothly. We do recommend using smartphones with at least 3GB of RAM to fully enjoy this game. Also, PUBG Mobile will take much more battery of your phone and heat up your phone like a heater.

PUBG vs Free Fire
Water design in PUBG Mobile still looks fake, but there is improvement

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PUBG vs Free Fire debate: Conclusion

With all the features of those two games we have listed above, we believe that all of us can come to a conclusion that there is no answer for the question: PUBG vs Free Fire which is best?

The right question to ask when it comes to PUBG vs Free Fire comparison is that: which game is more suitable for you, or more specifically, which game is more suitable for your phone. If you have a great smartphone with 3GB of RAM or more, download PUBG for your mobile now, but if your phone is not that you, we do recommend Free Fire for a smooth gaming experience.