PUBG has taken over the mobile market in India. There have been many tournaments sprout up for the game.

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PUBG Corp and Tencent Games have now announced PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019, the biggest tournament for PUBG, across the country. This event will last for 4 months and include both online and live events - regionals in all four regions of India. The tournament is going to be the largest ever seen in the country with 1.5 crores, a 50% increase over last year's prize.

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Details about the tournament and how to register:

To enter the tourney, visiting the PUBG mobile website to fill out the details is required. You would have to provide id proof in order for it to clear. All Indians with an account of at least level 20 or platinum 5 are eligible to join. There is no region restriction and you can sign in as whatever city you prefer.

Matches will be held across all maps and all modes, both third-person and first-person perspective.

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Top 500 teams from each group would be picked based on points earned in the qualifications. These teams would then be scaled down to 20 - separated into 4 groups - out of which the winners will then compete in the grand finale. The qualifications will be played in the same format and rulings as PUBG Mobile: Club Open. Furthermore, the top 64 teams from each group finals would have another chance in the wildcard round - so that they would be able to compete for the last 4 slots.

Rs 1.5 crore would be divided into a few parts and the top 3 would get 50, 20 and 10 respectively. Teams that get to the grand final of the event would also get consolation prizes. To exceptional individuals and squads, there would also special titles and prizes.

Pubg Mobile India Tour Awards

This tourney will instill a great surge in India's exports industry and would bring millions of profits to the people involved.

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