As we all know PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world due to the complex and dynamic gameplay. The game requires players to have a great controlling skill and a strategic mind in order to be the last one standing. The same goes for PUBG Mobile. However, playing a shooter game with a mouse and a keyboard is much easier than with a smartphone. And yet, somehow, all the PUBG Mobile pro players still manage to do it easily. It all comes to how they control their character.

Today, we will show you the different control layouts in PUBG Mobile and their advantage/disadvantage.

Two-Finger/Thumb Control

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Two-finger control is the default setting

This is the most common type of control in PUBG Mobile, simply for one reason: It's the default one. Every single player who plays PUBG Mobile has been using this style for some time. This control layout is easy for beginners, using only your thumbs to move and shoot. However, the disadvantage here is that you can only do 2 actions at the same time. You can't turn around, move, and shoot simultaneous, which will limit your chance of winning in the higher rank. While it seems that only newbie would use this control layout, some professional players still prefer it over other control layouts. For instance, Athena, a professional player from South Korea, still uses the Two Thumbs Control while being excel at the game.

Four-Finger Claw Control

1553769389 Fourfingerphone
The Four-Finger Claw Control

The Four-Finger Claw Control is what pro players use the most because it allows players to have more control over their character while not being too hard to learn. As the name implies, this playstyle requires four fingers which are your index fingers and thumbs. The other fingers are used to hold the device from behind which cause your index fingers and thumbs have the claw-like movement.

The biggest advantage of this playstyle, of course, is the ability to do multiple actions at the same time with ease. In close combat, you can move around freely while aiming at the enemy, making you a harder target.

1553769402 Fourfingeripad
The Four-Finger Claw style is better on bigger screen devices

However, it's hard to truly master this technique. Controlling four fingers at the same time is no easy task, you will get frustrated a lot when you first start practicing this technique. Also, it's hard to use this technique with a small-screen device.

Five-Finger Claw Control

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It's hard to use five fingers at the same time

The Five-Finger Claw Control is almost the same as the Four-Finger Control with an additional finger on one side for ADS. However, you will need to coordinate between your fingers perfectly to make use of this play style. Also, your devices will be slightly imbalance because you only have 2 fingers to hold on one side. This method is used by the famous PUBG Mobile player Soul Mortal, who is arguably the best player in India.

Air Triggers

1553769420 Trigger
Air Triggers will greatly improve your gaming experience

There is another way for casual players to enjoy the game without spending hours of practice, which is using Air Triggers. By using these additional devices, you can comfortably control your four fingers with the default Two-Finger setting. Air Triggers are physical buttons that are attached to the top of your phone, where your index fingers naturally rest, making your gaming experience much better. They are also very cheap so everyone can afford them easily.