The PMCO 2019 is reaching the final stages after weeks of intensive battles between the best teams in the world. And now it is your time to take part in the tournament. Recently, PUBG Mobile just announced on their Twitter the PUBG Mobile Team Up Event.

You can vote for your favorite players out of 100 top PUBG Mobile players from all around the world and receive a crate through in-game mail for each vote you submitted. You can get voting tickets by completing weekly missions and go to the event page to vote. According to the official event page, there is a total of 2 phases.

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PUBG Mobile Team Up event

The first phase starts from July 5 to July 15. Out of a list of 100 top PUBG Mobile players from all around the world, you can use your vote to pick out 9 people, one from each region, to team up for a show match during PMCO 2019 Spring Split Finals.

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Phase 1 starts from July 5 to July 15

The second phase starts from July 16 to July 25. This time you will vote for your favorite of the Top 9 and get a crate for each vote. Also, the 9 players will hold a lucky draw at the tournament to give away prizes to the fans.

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Phase 2 starts from July 17 to July 25

The PMCO 2019 finals will be held at Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, Germany. Eleven teams from all around the world have directly qualified for the global finals.

The 5 remaining slots for the finals will be decided between 16  teams in the preliminary round from July 20 to July 21. These are the teams who got the 2nd and 3rd place in the Regional Finals.

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The finals will start from July 26-28

After that, the finals will take place from July 26 to July 28. All teams will fly to Berlin on July 20 to start practicing with predetermined phones. All phone provided to the players will be the same for equality among players.