After 2 days of intensive battles, we now get to know which team will represent India go for the PMCO Global Finals 2019 championship title in Berlin, Germany. It was no other than Team Soul, the champion of PUBG Mobile India Series.

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Team Soul will go to Berlin

Team Soul has gone from almost being disqualified in the early stages of the tournament to the winner in India region. They took the juicy $60,000 prize money and the right to the main stage in Berlin. Although Team IND got the second place with $30,000, they performed wonderfully and gave Team Soul a hard time. The two teams were having a tied score when there were only 2 matches left.

Then Team Soul was wiped out at the 15th position in the 11th match, which gave Team IND a huge advantage. But then, it was Team IND's turn to choke in the last match. Team IND was eliminated by Hydra and finished at the 15th position, giving away the 1st position to Team Soul.

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PMCO Finals Standings

Team Soul has earned their position fare and square in the finals with the highest kill point (86 points) followed by Team IND (68 points).

In a previous interview, Team Soul revealed that they had to change their strategies in this tournament since everyone knew them too well, their movements, landing spots, or the way they rotate. So they decided to not to land at their usual location, Gergopol, to throw other teams off. They also said that their performance in the semi-finals was bad because they were trying out new strategies and was only aiming for the top 16. It seems that they did the right move.

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Team Soul has to use new strategies in order to win

Team Soul consists of 4 players: Soul Mortal, Soul Ronak, Soul Viper, and Soul Owais. Mortal is the leader of the team, who makes the call and is responsible for the strategy of the team. He also plays as a scout and an assaulter. Soul Ronak and Soul Viper are the main sniper and the secondary sniper of the team. Soul Owais is the close combat assaulter, who among one the best assaulters in PUBG Mobile in India.