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PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019

The opening seven days of the elimination rounds of The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (PMCO) in India has come to an end. We have seen a fantastic performance of anticipated teams and the enthusiasm of the audiences. Plenty of new groups and names have emerged over the past two weeks of the group stage and they are coming alongside some well-known parties in the Indian PUBG pro scene.

PUBG fans are whispering about one of the most beloved team to have the highest possibility of winning the PMCO for the Indian and speak for their nation at the worldwide finale: Team Soul. This party is a standout amongst the most notable PUBG Mobile teams and has a tremendous number of admirers. Like most of the team on the world, Team Soul is a group of four members: Mortal, Viper, Ronak, and Owais.

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Four members of Team Soul are Mortal, Viper, RonaK, Owais

Speaking about PUBG Mobile streamers and online creative artists, we have to spend more words on Mortal. More than 2 million followers have subscribed to him on YouTube. Because of his extraordinary skill in video games and a good manner to the fans, his name is well-known in India and is being broadened all around the world. Before the PMCO, his team - Team Soul - has proven themselves as a number one team in Indian PUBG Mobile pro scene.

The champion of the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 was no other than Team Soul. They undoubtedly had their title in their bags with a magnificent performance at the challenge, outshone all other teams. "The Exterminator" award was also called out for Team Soul for their top-notch skills in comparison to other attended groups of players.

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Team Soul winning at the PUBG Mobile India Series

Base on their history of winning, fans have all the right to expect a good result for their favorite team at the PMCO's group and eliminating rounds. But after witnessed a fantastic week of gaming at the group stage of the competition, PUBG fans are now looking for a much more competitive series. Anticipating Indian teams are proving themselves, and an intensive PMCO in the Indian region is about to come up.

12 games of the group stage have been played. Unfortunately, Team Soul is getting behind with 137 points, which is 173 points fewer than the first place of the table - Team Insidious. They are now standing at #21 of the list, only 3 spots ahead of getting eliminated. In all 12 group stages games played, Team Soul had no easy winning. Their best achievements in those series were two times finished in the third place.

The disappointment did not stop. Team Soul's under-performance continued to the eliminating rounds of the competition. They only got past the tenth place three times in eight played matches. Team Soul fans only have the privilege of witnessing the true performance of their favorite team at the fourth match of Week 1 - Day 2 games. They managed to get 16 kills in the match but Learn from Past was the winner of the game.

At the moment, Team Soul is at the #16 place in the standings list of the eliminating rounds. Eight more games are still waiting for them ahead. There is a chance for them to continue their adventure to the Indian PMCO finals if they were able to keep their current place. Only 16 strongest parties will be at the live finals, that means Team Soul is in a dangerous situation. Week 2 games of the semifinals are scheduled between May 17-19, and Team Soul are expected to try their best to keep their adventure going.