Season 6 of PUBG Mobile is closing in a week from now on 16 May. It has been a wonderful season with the new zombie mode and new skins and weapons. But it's about time to say goodbye to the old one and welcome the Season 7 of the game. On Reddit, user H4rD_Army has revealed the update of the new season Royale Pass.  The change is near, so let get your self informed about this new and exciting Season 7 of PUBG Mobile.

New machine pistol gun and pet

This update will bring players a brand new weapon called the Skorpion. It's a machine pistol gun using 9mm bullet with up to 40-round capacity. It is so exciting that now there is a pistol gun that worth using until mid and late game now. With the Skorpion, now you can have more options on how to use your primary weapon slots.

Maxresdefault 2
New emotes and Scorpion gun

The second main feature of the Season 7 is Companion Pet. Players have been rooting for this element in the game for quite some time and now Tencent will fulfill their wish and give it to them in the upcoming update.

There will be some familiar things to other seasons, which include the 600 UC cashback, meaning that if you bought the pass after Season 4, you wouldn't need to purchase it one more time.

600 Uc
600 UC cash back

In the Royale Pass Season 7, you will also be able to challenge your buddies and fighting against them for 7 days. This season is promised to bring a lot of fascinating gifts and 10 Royale Pass crates.

More cool outfits and skins

Season 7 will have Military theme

As for the new outfits, a total of 9 new outfits and costumes with the Military theme, including 4 Legendary items, 1 Mythic item, 3 Epic, and a common item. One outstanding feature of PUBG Mobile compared to the PC version is the varied number of emotes and skins. There will be 2 Parachute skins, 2 Backpack skins, 2 Pan skins, 1 Helmet Skin, 2 Car Skins, 1 Plane skin, and 3 new emotes to help in-game communication more amusing. The Dacia already has 2 skins so this time the UAZ will be the one to get new skins. The primary weapons also have 5 new skins. Assault Rifles will get 3 skins as they are the most common weapons in the game. SMG and Sniper Rifle will have one skin each.