Wedding day comes with a lot of worries and nervousness for a woman "Will I get along with my parent-in-law? Will my husband love me the way he used to? " It's the man and the family job to make the bride feel as comfortable as possible as the way the man treats his wife will tell the woman future whether it's hell or heaven. This event supposed to be the happiest moment for any bride instead of watching her beloved husband addicted to PUBG Mobile.

Recently, a video just went viral on the internet, originally from Tiktok, showing a wedding with a bride watching the groom playing PUBG Mobile. In the 15-second video, we can see the groom never took his eye off the smartphone with PUBG Mobile on it and even push away the gift of a guest. This video was from Tiktok so we will never find out if this video is staged or not, but this video does show us a little bit of how PUBG Mobile is doing in India. PUBG Mobile was banned in India a while ago due to its addiction. A man has been reported to drank acid while playing the game because he thought it was water. Fortunately, the man was saved, but it still did not scare him enough to stop him from playing even when he was lying in the hospital.

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PUBG Mobile used to be banned in India

In another case, Ankit Ojha, a 27-year-gold PUBG player, is having sprain problems in his neck and pain in his fingers due to the excessive amount of playtime.

Mr. Mujahid Rupani, the CEO of Cobx Gaming, convey his view about PUBG Mobile in an interview, PUBG is getting the attention across the globe like Pokemon Go had years ago. An astounding amount of 40% of mobile players in India is playing PUBG. The average time for each PUBG Mobile match is about 20 minutes; people have the chance to squeeze out every little bit of time they have to play the game.

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PUBG Mobile tournament in India

He also thinks this circumstance is proof of the development of the gaming industry as it's getting more and more accepted by both younger and older generations and creating lots of job opportunities.

Tournaments have been held all year round in colleges of Lucknow, Mumbai, and Delhi by Tencent Gaming Buddy. More tournaments resulted in more players interested in the game and helped the game become more popular.