Headshot is a mechanic common in the vast majority of shooting games. It rewards skilled players with the ability to deal massive damage to their enemies, often resulting in an instant kill. PUBG Mobile, in particular, even has several Achievements that players can earn by taking down a certain number of enemies with headshots – Sharpshooter for example.

Each player has their own preferences when it comes which gun they like best in the game. However, some are capable of dealing more headshot damage than others. In this article, we have listed the 5 weapons with the highest headshot damage in PUBG Mobile, excluding Shotguns. Note that in order to keep things consistent, the numbers shown here will not take helmets into account.

1. AWM

The AWM deals 300 damage with a headshot, which is the highest of all weapons available in the game, making it one of the most, if not the most, popular Sniper rifles. This weapon has a range of 100 and uses .200 rounds. Naturally, it can instantly kill your enemy if you successfully pull off a headshot.

The AWM can only be found in air drops

In the classic mode, this rifle is available exclusively in air drops. If you have a Flare Gun,  you can use it to actively call an air drop for a chance to get the AWM too. It is compatible with all types of scope and is very powerful in the later stages of the game. Then, the circle is relatively small, meaning players can easily spot and eliminate enemies from a distant. The only limit to this gun is that its ammo is rather hard to come by.

2. M24

If you have trouble finding the AWM or obtaining bullets for it, the M24 is your second best option. It boasts a damage number of 231 per headshot, and a major advantage that it has over the AWM is that it uses 7.62 ammo, which can be very easily found on the map. Equip it with a 6x or 8x scope as well as a suppressor and you’re set to snipe down enemies without compromising your exact position. It also supports other attachments to improve stability.

The M24 is the second-best gun in PUBG Mobile in term of damage

3. Kar98

While the Kar98 deals a bit less damage than the two guns mentioned above (198 per headshot), it is still a very popular Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile due to the fact that it can be obtained relatively easily. You can find it in all the notable locations in the map after only a few minutes of thorough search. Furthermore, despite the lower damage, it is still fully capable of one-shotting enemies with a headshot unless they have a level 3 helmet. It also uses 7.62 rounds, so you shouldn’t encounter any shortage.

Pubg Kar98
The Kar98 can be found across the map and goes well with a scope

As with any other Sniper Rifle, the Kar98’s potential is pushed to the maximum if you have a 8x scope to go with it. You can also equip a Bullet Loop to improve the reload speed and stability.

4. SKS

With 150 damage per headshot, the SKS is not the most impressive in term of damage. However, it makes up for this by being readily available in several locations across the map, especially Pochinki.

Pubg Sks Third Person View
The SKS has great stablity

SKS uses 7.62 rounds can be equipped with attachments such as Flash Hider and Suppressors to become more efficient. It is also the most stable Sniper Rifle in the game.

5. AKM

Ever since the very beginning, the AKM has been one of the most well-loved weapons. It is the only Assault rifle included in this list, which should tell you something about its damage potential. Indeed, the AKM is capable of dealing 126 damage with one headshot.

Theres A Huge Hidden Buff To Akm In Pubgs Latest U
One of the most well-loved guns in the game

The gun also uses 7.62 ammo and can be found in any map. Moreover, it supports a wide collection of attachments, giving you a lot of room for configuration.