Ever since it first came to PUBG Mobile, the Zombie mode Survive Till Dawn  Apocalypse has become immensely popular among players, and the recent update 0.12.0 has added another zombie mode titled Darkest Night with new mechanics and challenges. In this article, we will discuss 5 tricks that can help you easily survive against the undead army.

Land near water

If you ever find yourself out of ammo, then the safest place to be is in the water, as the Zombies cannot follow you there. Yes, some of them can still damage you with toxic projectiles, but overall it’s still a lot better than letting them pursue and overwhelm you on land.

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Just stay in the water and the zombies will not be able to reach you

Note that this only works in Survive Till Dawn, as Darkest Night will have toxic gas filling the environment, forcing you to stay indoors.

Collect bandages

Although the Health Kits can restore more health, they also require a lot of time to apply, which you might not have when caught in an attack. As a result, it’s more convenient to use bandages, as they can be applied in the small window of time between the zombie waves.

Pubg Bandages Not Medkits1
Bandages are more convenient than Med kits because they can be used quickly

Carry Throwables

Don’t underestimate throwable items, as they will be immensely useful in helping you defeat the undead. For example, a grenade is capable of wiping out nearby zombies, giving you time to heal and prepare for the next assault. Moreover, the latest update has also changed the Stun Grenade so that it works on zombies as well, so use it to deter them whenever you need some breathing room.

Stay indoors

During the Zombie Apocalypse, enemies will spawn constantly and attack you from all sides. As a result, you are better off seeking shelter in a building, preferably one with two floors or more. By doing so, the zombies will only be able to come at you in smaller numbers, making it easier to beat them back.

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Stay inside buildings to avoid being surrounded

Of course, the key here is to stay close to your teammates to provide backup for one another when needed. However, be sure to warn them if you intend to use a grenade to avoid friendly fire.

The Flamethrower is your best friend

The flamethrower is your best friend during a Zombie Apocalypse.

The Flamethrower is arguably the best weapon that you can possibly get to deal with zombies, as it can destroy them in an instant. The weapon needs gas bottles to work, but these can be found easily in both modes.   Even if only 1 member of your team has a flamethrower, it’s already enough to kill the majority of zombies that you encounter.