Sniping has always been a popular approach in PUBG Mobile, or just in shooting games in general. After all, few things can match the satisfaction of killing enemies from miles away with a single bullet to the head. There are several Sniper Rifles in the game with different damage and range capacities, and they all can be equipped with attachments to improve their performance. Here are 5 attachments that will help you become a better sniper, no matter which map you choose to play on.

Flash Hider

The Flash Hider is one of the essential things that should always be on the top of your priority list if you want to take the sniping route. It helps to hide your position while you prey on enemies.

Battlegroundslurkingsniper1 1507719593557
The Flash Hider helps you hide more easily

If your gun has the Flash Hider equipped, the red mark will still show on the minimap every time you shoot, but your exact location will be unidentifiable. It also reduces recoil as well. The Flash Hider can be put on AWM, Kar98K, M24, and SKS.


Yet another mandatory item for a sniper is the Suppressor. Once again, this contributes to concealing your whereabouts. Once equipped, this attachment automatically reduces the sound of your gunshots. As a result, your enemies will have a harder time detecting where you are.

Pubg Mobile Suppressor
The suppressor is yet another piece of essential equipment for snipers


If you are encountering troubles with maintaining the balance while using a Sniper Rifle, the Compensator is your best friend. It significantly reduces recoil when equipped on AWM, Kar98K, M24, and SKS.

1496266119 Pubg
The compensator improves the overall efficiency of your gun

Moreover, the Compensator also lower the time taken between shots, enabling you to fire more consistently. Overall, this attachment enhances the efficiency and speed of your gun.

Check Pad

The Check Pad can be equipped on any rifle to boosts its stability, allowing for better accuracy, which translates into more kills. It’s pretty straightforward.

Pubg Playerunknowns Battlegrounds 1
Better accuracy translates to more kills

Bullet Loops

Pubg Kar98
Your Kar98 will be much more powerful when equipped with the Bullet Loops

This attachment is specific to the Kar98 and is one of the best items a sniper could ask for. It increases the reloading time of the gun by a large margin, enabling rapid shooting. This means you can shoot at more targets in the same amount of time.