PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale game on mobile platforms with a total of more than 400 million players. Every single player is trying their best to be the last survival out of 100 people and get the chicken dinner. In order to complete this mission, players have to make use of every advantage that they can get which require skills, tactics, good reaction time, map knowledge, analyzing ability.

The game usually gets tensed over time in a match as the circle gets smaller and smaller. Making a small mistake might bring you some very severe punishment and might even lose you the game. Doing some tips here will give you more chances to survive and win the game.

Climbing to the roof using the door

Building Roaming

There are a lot of towns and cities around the map, knowing how to approach building in an unpredictable way that can catch your opponent off guard and give you the upper hand in a fight. In towns like Pochinki, houses and buildings are placed close to each other, and there are other ways to enter the building than going through the front door. Here are some tricks that might help you in critical situations.

Walking on the narrow edge outside of the house

Jump outside of the window and when your character starts jumping, press and hold the down key. This way, you can rotate outside of the building using the edge and commit a surprise attack.

Climbing to the rooftop using doors

It is a very common trick you can use with some building in PUBG, but in PUBG mobile, it’s much easier. By opening the door on the balcony of any the building and jump while holding the forward key, you will be able to jump on top of the door and reach the rooftop. Note: You need to push the door out from the inside.

Jump from one building to another building or window

For example, in School, you can jump from the main building rooftop to access the swimming pool. Move toward the right edge of the roof and aim for the window of the other building, using run and jump technique to get some momentum for a far jump to get to the window. This trick can be used in multiple locations where there are lots of building.

Use a car to enter the balcony of small compounds

Use any car except for a buggy and park it near the balcony of a small compound. Use the car as leverage by jumping on top of the car then jump toward the balcony.

Pubg Mobile Marker Lines
Knowing the map is a great advantage.

Moving around the map

It can be very tricky to make a travel a long distance in PUBG Mobile as you don’t know the locations of other players. Players must have good map awareness and move with caution. At the end game stage, the chance of being seen first by other players is high. You should move along with the circle, so you don’t have to worry about the area behind your back. Always move from cover to cover and look for enemies prone in the grass.

Now observe your surrounding and analyze your situation.

  1. Look for building and the circle’s position.
  2. Look for covers like rocks or cars.
  3. Look for places that others might have a good shot at you
  4. Check out your belonging (grenade, heal item, ammo,..)

- Try to move behind covers as much as possible.

- You can use grenades and smoke to misdirect enemies to somewhere else.

- Be patient and keep your eyes open.

- Always plan for an escape route to dodge grenades and molotovs.

Maxresdefault 1
Always try to hide while spotting for others

Some more pieces of advice to help you win the game

  1. Always have weapons suitable for both long range and close range fight.
  2. Assault Rifle is effective for both long and short range.
  3. Pick up throwable weapons for tricky situations.
  4. Don’t pick up too much ammo.
  5. Always keep your gun reloaded, except in the middle of combat.
  6. Peeking expose your body less and help you with more stability.
  7. Use the most suitable attachment for different situation.
  8. ADS is always more accurate than hip firing.
  9. Always try to surprise your enemy.
  10. Camping may be a safe way to win, but it's boring, and you won’t gain much experience from it.