Ever since its initial launch back in 2017, PUBG has garnered a massive global success across multiple platforms including PC, console, and mobile. By December 2018, its mobile version alone had over 200 million downloads.

A lot has happened to the game in term of the effect it has had on the society and the following efforts to regulate it. The Iraqi Parliament recently proposed to ban several online games including PUBG, Fortnite, and a few other titles. PUBG was also banned in Nepal under an order of the Kathmandu District Court, while in several other countries the game is receiving a lot of criticism as well.

Rajkot Police writes to Google to request that the downloads of PUBG Mobile are blocked:

Previously we reported that the Police of Rajkot City issued a ban on PUBG Mobile, calling it "addictive" and harmful for the mentality of children. Allegedly, about 20 people, all aged from 18 to 22 years old, were arrested under this ban for playing the game. Shortly after, they were released on bail. Now, in a recent development, the Rajkot police have requested that Google prevent users from downloading PUGB Mobile from its Play Store.

Pubg People Arrested
The ban in Rajkot had many people arrested

PUBG ban in Nepal revoked by Supreme Court:

On April 11, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority ordered all internet service providers within the country to shut down any internet traffic that came from PUBG servers. However, just a few days ago, the Supreme Court of Nepal revoked this ban as the court believed this could violate people’s rights to freedom. Justice Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada thinks PUBG Mobile is just a game, a mean for entertainment.

Pubg Mobile Ban Nepal Cover
The Nepal Supreme Court removed the ban on PUBG Mobile

Banned in Iraq for negative effects:

The Iraqi government has voted to ban PUBG, Fortnite, and several other video games of the battle royale genre as they were thought to be having an adverse influence upon the population. According to a newly-voted resolution, people within the country are forbidden from playing these games or participating in any financial transactions that might be related to them.

Iraq Banned Fortnite Pubg Violence N Ds 1 R688x387
Iraq has banned several battle royale games including PUBG and Fortnite

Teenagers committed suicide when scolded for playing the game:

Last Thursday, a 9th-grade student named Shreyas from Nizamabad took his own life by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in this room after his parents chastised him for playing PUBG Mobile too much.

Suicide Kid
Within this month, there were 2 cases of teenagers committing suicide in India when scolded for playing PUBG Mobile

Earlier this month, a similar incident happened in Telangana, which saw a 16-year-old boy committing suicide in the same manner and for the same reason.