The newest update for the mobile version of PUBG is bringing a brand new zombie mode. In addition, the existing zombie mode Survie Till Dawn has also been revamped.

The new mode, titled Darkest Night, challenges you and your team to fend off waves of zombies while avoiding poisonous gas emerging from the ground. In Darkest Night, players will spawn in random locations on the map, and each is granted a passive ability that’ll help them and others survive. They can choose to team up with others or go their own way, but one does not have to be the final survivor to win. Instead, everyone who makes it to the end will be declared the winners.

Pubg Mobile Darkest Night
Darkest Night is a new zombie mode in PUBG Mobile

Meanwhile, Survive Till Dawn 2 is a remade version of the crossover event between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 that was introduced a few months ago. There are now new enemies and weapons, and just you’ll have to tweak your strategies to make it through the night. Check out the full changes below:

Survive Till Dawn Changes

  • Zombies can now be stunned with Stun Grenade

  • Liquid Nitrogen Grenades have been added, which freeze enemies, reducing their movement speed

  • New zombie types added: Jumping zombies and zombie dogs

  • Certain types of zombies can now climb onto roofs or over low walls

  • New weapon: RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

  • Flamethrower damage increased

  • Players now have affixes that give them certain buffs

  • Zombies hit by firearms will now have their movement speed reduced

  • You can now complete daily missions in Survive Till Dawn

Pubg Rpg 7
The new RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

Survive Till Dawn is a special mode in PUBG Mobile in which up to 60 players can participate. Each match lasts 30 minutes and is divided into 3 days and 2 nights. In addition to fighting other players, one also has to deal with the zombies that spawn around the map as well, which will become a lot more aggressive at night. On top of that, iconic Resident Evil 2 bosses such as G (Stage 2) and the Tyrant are also present, posing a huge challenge for those who want to obtain powerful loot.

Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Screen 02
Zombies are more aggressive at night

You can visit the official website of PUBG Mobile to read the full patch notes.