Miramar is the second map to be available in PUBG Mobile, so it’s relatively old. Despite that, the map still remains a favorite for many players. Its huge 8 km x 8 km size and unique terrain, which provides little cover aside from buildings, offer unique and interesting gameplay as they require players to plan ahead and go for buildings or claim the high ground to have any chance at earning that Chicken Dinner.

Pubg Mobile Miramar Win94
There is practically no cover on Miramar

One of the places located close to the center of the map is the city of San Martin. Like any other central areas, this city often sees a lot of action and as a result, many players choose to avoid it in the early game. However, there are several reasons why this is a hot spot:


San Martin is home to a huge amount of high-tier gear. This means players could stock up during the early game, which grants them a strategic advantage during the later stages. The gear available here includes rifles, armor, and attachments, all of which are perfect for such a big map as Miramar.

Pubg Win94
You can get a lot of good gear here

Decent Cover

The desert environment of Miramar offers little to no cover to speak off, so players have to seek shelter in buildings, which are ample in San Martin. Furthermore, the 2 overlooks at the edges of the city make for great sniping spots.

1200px Miramar San Martin
The buildings make for great cover and sniping spots


San Martin’s key location means players who land here can very easily move to any direction after the initial skirmishes. As a result, the distance they have to travel to get to the next safe zone might be significantly shorter compared to those who opt to in the edge of the map.

It is also right next to Hacienda del Patrón, which contains tons of military-grade weapons and armor. Dropping in San Martin, gather weapons and other equipment, then move to Hacienda del Patrón is often a good tactic, as you’ll have enough gear for any encounter.

Pubg Mirado Beach
You can easily get to other places from San Martin

Furthermore, there are plenty of vehicles available here as well, making it even easier to traverse the map after you’ve got what you need.