We have had a look at the best places to get gear in Miramar and Sanhok. Now, to complete the list of the best loot spots in PUBG Mobile, let’s see what Erangel have in store:

Military Base

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You can easily spot great equipment lying around in the Military Base, including plenty of level 3 helmets, armor, and powerful guns – enough for an entire squad.  However, this place is located at the farthest corner of the map, which means it is usually far away from the safe zone. Considering that Erangel is the biggest out of PUBG Mobile’s 3 maps, it could be difficult to get to safety from the Military Base. Therefore, if you choose to land here, don’t linger for too long.

Big Cities (Georgopol, Pochinki, Novorepnoye, Yasnaya Polyana)

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There are plenty of buildings in these major cities (of course, that’s why they are cities). In those cities, there are tons of loot for players to get. The best stuff might take a bit of searching to find, but it’s easily doable.

Places like Novorepnoye and Georgpol will usually yield the best gear in the shortest time. Flare guns are also common in both of these places. Of course, places with convenient locations and good items to get will surely attract many players, and these cities are no exception. They are definitely not for players who don’t want to get involved in a lot of skirmishes.

Mylta Power

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Yet another spot where the loot is both high-quality and easy to spot, and once again it also comes with the price of being very far from the center, and thus the safe zone.

Small Cities (Gatka, Severny, Rozhok, Lipovka, etc. )

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Just like with Impala or Pecado of Miramar, these small cities are the most suited loot spots for players who want to stay safe and away from the violence. Sure, the loot here is not really that great, but you can avoid unpleasant encounters, and will likely stay alive longer.