In PUBG Mobile, or PUBG in general, you are dropped on a secluded island with literally nothing, so the loot you find on the map will have a significant impact on how well you fare. Thus, knowing where to get good gear and weapons is very important, and here is a list of the best loot spots on the Sanhok map:

Paradise Resort

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The Paradise is aptly named, as it is full of all the best stuff available. This place has an abundance of gear and weapons enough for an entire squad, including level 3 equipment and powerful guns. They are easy to spot as well since there is only one large building in the area.

However, this area is located right in the middle of the map, and its juicy catch is sure to attract many players, so landing here is quite risky.


Image result for sanhok map Docks

Docks is another good loot spot that is often underrated. Similar to Novorepnoye and Georgopol and on Erangel, this area has several with large containers full of gear enough for a complete squad. The only disadvantage is that this place lies at the extreme corner of the map, so getting there is often quite tricky.

The Cave

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Yet another underrated loot spot, The Cave is relatively out of sight, so land here is pretty safe. Furthermore, it is adjacent to both the ocean and the mainland. This means you have plenty of routes to escape should anything go wrong.

The big problem with The Cave is it is pretty small, so there isn’t a lot of good stuff here.


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With many buildings in this area, there is bound to be some good loot. Level 3 helmets, armor, and backpacks are not uncommon. More often than not the Flare Gun is also here too. Again, it is right at the center of the map so many players tend to land here. You shall have to be very careful if you want to make it out alive with the good stuff. If you do, however, the rest of the match will probably be significantly easier.

Camp Alpha

Like Bootcamp, Camp Alpha has a lot of structures. It might be a bit tedious to search through them, but if you are patient, your reward will be plenty of good gear enough for your entire squad.

Due to Camp Alpha’s location, sometimes the safe zone can be pretty far away. However, considering Sanhok is a relatively small map, getting to it should not be an issue.