The AKM is an assault rifle in PUBG and is highly sought after by players due to its extreme power. Using 7.62mm rounds with a magazine size of 30, this weapon has a base damage of 49, which is the highest amongst all assault rifles currently available in the game. This makes it the ideal weapon for close or medium-ranged gunfights. The AKM should always be used in the single shot mode, except when you’re caught in close-quarter combat, in which case the automatic mode might be more useful.

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Like the M16A4 or Groza, this weapon has three attachment slots, and here is the best combination to maximize its potential.

Sights - 3x Scope

The AKM assault rifle has heavy recoil and low initial bullet speed, making it unfit for shooting at long distance. As a result, scopes 4x and above are virtually useless, so a 3x scope is your best choice here. With this on, your AKM is a force to be reckoned with even if your enemies have armor on.


Magazines - Extended QuickDraw Mag

The Extended QuickDraw Mag increases the number of bullets the AKM can carry from 30 to 40. It is pretty much mandatory for any assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. Not only does it increase the bullet capacity of your gun, but it also lowers the reload time as well. This means you’ll have the best of both worlds, being able to stay in fights longer and re-engage faster.


Muzzle - Compensator & Suppressor

As mentioned, the AKM has heavy recoil, so if you like to use the automatic mode to spray, the compensator is your best friend. This attachment reduces recoil, allowing for better stability

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On the other hand, if you prefer picking off enemies silently with the single shot mode, then the suppressor will be better suited to your needs. However, it is recommended that you switch to a compensator in the late game, as you’ll have to encounter enemies in a very small area.