The snow map Vikendi brings a brand new environment unlike anything ever seen before in PUBG Mobile, and there's so much more to it than meets the eye. The map strives to reach a point of balance between all 3 of its predecessors. Its pace is faster than that of Erangel and Miramar, yet it still demands more strategic thinking than Sanhok.

We have previously covered a few tips to help you survive longer in Vikendi, but considering that the map is still relatively new, here are a couple more tips that you might find handy:


Camouflage is one of the most ancient and effective strategies in the history of war, and Vikendi brings with it two ghillie suits that are perfect for this purpose. You can find both of them in crate drops, and they are going to be incredibly useful. The white ghillie makes it a lot harder for enemies to spot you in the snowy areas of the map, while the brown version will be the better choice in the southern part, where the snow has mostly melted away.

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Just like in any other maps, you will need to find the weapons that suits the environment and pace of Vikendi if you want to survive here. The best setup would be to have a medium to long range weapon such as the AWM on your primary slot while keeping a secondary close-range weapon like a M416.

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It is no secret that the best way not to get shot at is to stay out of sight, ideally in buildings. Fortunately, Vikendi has many compounds scattered all over the map, so you should always try to move from one compound to another whenever possible. In addition to the protection they provide, these groups of buildings can also contain some great gear as well.

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Did you know that in Serbian, “Dobro Mesto” means “Good Spot”? Needless to say, this area located on the westernmost side of the map is aptly named. The city is beautifully designed, the gear is good and nicely spread out, and you can even discover some bonus by the ships in the port right next to Dobro Mesto.

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Like many other shooter games, PUBG Mobile allows you to locate your enemies by following audio cues, and that is all the more prominent in Vikendi as the sound of footsteps on snow can be heard very clearly. So, don’t forget your headphones while playing. They will allow you to hear these sounds a lot more easily.

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And that's about it! Remember, whatever you do, the most important thing is that you have fun playing the new map!