If you have chewed so much on the Friends rerun or looking for something to fulfill the void as WandaVision has ended, these mobile video games will be a great routine to take on.

Many games are designed only to have ads popping up in our face, so our list includes the top 10 adult games for Android that you can try to refresh yourself. Many of these games use art outsourcing, which ultimately makes them stand out in the market even more. Some of them may be harder to find in the Store because they have 18+ restrictions.

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1. Evil Minds: Dirty Charades!

This game truly brings fun to your table. Evil Minds is a full-body word game that a group of friends can play with each other.

Evil Word
Best Android Games For Adults: Evil Minds

Its goal is for participants to guess the mysterious “Evil Word” building up from clues given. Moreover, Evil Minds has two game modes and more than 2000 available words. You can also make up the word yourself.

Have a phone with this app, and you are good to go!

2. #SelfCare

Being an adult is realizing no one is more important than your sleep. Just kidding, but this game is almost all about that.

Extra bonus? Players’ laundry sorts itself with only some taps.

One of the best Android games for adults is "a game where you stay in bed". There are no clear objectives, no countdown or timer. #SelfCare urges you to take time and have a gentle way with your mental state.

Encouragement bits and sweet reminders from the game will make you feel peaceful post each session.

3. Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga a high-quality Sim title where players get into the skin of a small-town bloke. With more than 65 characters to interact with, the game maintains on the top for its content.

Summertime Saga
Players will play a young man in his carnal journey.

You will be engaged for hours as you explore 30 special locations and 20 mini-games.

4. Florence

This is not a typical game, proven by the fact that it’s a design from the creators of Monument Valley – one of the best graphics Android games 2021 offline.

Florence gives you a deeply emotional story about the joy and challenges of love.

Florence is about being in and out of love. Although the game would take you only a few hours, the lingering feeling will take much longer than that. The beautiful soundtrack, soulful story, and eye-pleasing aesthetics make it the top choice out of the best Android games for adults.

5. Mystic Messenger

If there’s immersion, there is also Mystic Messenger where characters will text, email, chat, and call you.

Mystic Messenger
Choose the character you like with Mystic Messenger.

Over the period of 12 days, you will come across a lot of intrigues, romance, as well as mystery. The multiplayer game also has different branches and endings as you proceed further.

6. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is absolutely the most favorite party game. In case you can’t think of more daring options to challenge your friends, the app will help you big time.

This, as one of the best adult Android games, has choices that can make your opponents turn red. Bringing a mix of emotional bits and bold tasks, you can never get bored with this game.

It is ideal for house parties and couple nights.

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7. Moments: Choose Your Story

For the unknown, the game has 100k downloads and it is loaded with interesting decisions. Moments: Choose Your Story is more like an aesthetic novel with situations where a single choice can make a massive difference.

Moments Choose Your Story
In this cool context, you can play a role or start your own narrative.

8. Never Have I Ever: Adult Drinking Game

If you want the perfect drinking game for you and your partner or friends, look no further! Never Have I Ever has more than 100 questions divided into 3 categories: Fun, Party, and Dirty.

Never Have I
It is suitable for all types of occasions with its different modes.

Fun is for casual use. Party is designed for drinking parties and the like of it. Meanwhile, Dirty is perfect for when you want some heat and turn some sensual jam to get it on.

9. Lust Epidemic

The best Android games for adults also call the name of Lust Epidemic. It is another graphical novel game where players play as Brad, an East State University student.

Lust Epidemic
Lust Epidemic

The young man finds himself at the college in the midst of a hurricane and attempting to find his way out. On the exploration of the college campus, he unravels many secrets while stumbles upon many adult situations.

10. Linda Brown Interactive Story

The game gives you full control over certain characters’ romantic relationships. Players get thrown in the hot seat and their decisions have a powerful effect on how the story will turn out.

Linda Brown Interactive Story
Linda Brown Interactive Story

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