Offline games are getting on the same level as console and PC titles when it comes to gameplay quality and fun factors. Moreover, they are extremely useful when players are traveling or just being somewhere with no cellular or internet connection.

In fact, games that need an Internet connection sometimes feel quite disturbing with annoying ads popping up in the midst. That’s another reason why gamers seem to grow their favors towards offline graphics games nowadays. Take a look at our list that gathers the best graphics Android games 2021 offline in all primary genres.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the newer offline games for Android that require no WiFi. It’s a side-scrolling infinite runner. It's also one of the top Android action games offline.

Altos Odyssey
Best graphics Android games 2021 offline: Altos Odyssey

This is one of the best high graphics Android games you cannot overlook. The side-scrolling infinite runner requires no wifi and features limitless dessert with ever-increasing dares. Moreover, your jaws will be left wide-open as you experience a stunning world accompanied by aesthetic visuals and a soothing soundtrack.

2. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE is part of the best-selling game franchise Minecraft ever. And it is even more popular for the fact that it’s offline.

Minecraft Pe 2021
The pocket edition of Minecraft lets fans enjoy this sandbox game on their smartphones.

Although the mobile version may not have all that presents in its desktop PC counterpart, what it offers is no less thrilling after years of frequent updates.

3. Crossy Road

Another one of the best graphics Android games 2021 offline is Crossy Road whose visuals are Minecraft-inspired. It features cars, trees, and a variety of other objects in a boxy design.

Crossy Road
You can change the skin of your character.

Without saying, the game is a great option for you during lengthy commutes. Crossy Road’s gameplay is also very easy as you just have to tap on the screen to move the chicken across the crowded street.

Beware of the fast trains, heavy traffic, as well as the eagle that always lurks above to hunt after you.

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4. The Room

This is yet another title for the best graphics Android games 2021 free. The Room is a puzzle series that includes four games. Each of them is filled with special objects that require you to pull, twist, flick them into shapes till you manage to progress.

The Room
The Room

All puzzles are tactile and all items move in delightful ways. From breathing life into an old oven to reflecting lasers surrounding a chessboard, the physicality will make players feel like they are in real space instead of only a virtual playground.

5. Monument Valley

The world fell in love with Monument Valley for a reason. It is one of the best graphics Android games 2021 offline, although not free.

Monument Valley
Its graphics are out of this world.

Monument Valley features a princess whom you have to guide through a hypnotizing 3D world. The ingenious game has a slew of impossible geometry, fantastic architecture, hidden paths, and mysterious monuments.

For the unversed, it is one of the top 5 relaxing Android games under 500MB.

6. Once Upon A Tower

Lots of game elements are reversed compared to other titles. Not the plot of a prince rescuing the princess, in this game, the prince was long gone while the princess is a badass who uses a sledgehammer to escape the dragon. Moreover, instead of climbing up a high tower, she digs down.

Once Upon A Tower
The game offers a new concept of the story.

Players need power-ups and coins to get out of the tower, so remember to collect them. Once Upon A Tower is a boatload of fun, and seems excitingly endless.

7. Ninja Arashi

The best high graphics Android games can take you to another different world and Ninja Arashi is an example. It features amazing graphics and cool BGM in order to keep pace with the entire action.

Ninja Arashi
Ninja Arashi

In this game, players play the role of a ninja who needs to defeat foes and overcome battles, hence reaches the ultimate goal and declare triumph in the end.

Being too short is its only bad score. Once you have completed all stages, you will want more.

8. Shadowmatic

The list of the best graphics Android games 2021 offline is incomplete without Shadowmatic. The accolade-winning imaginative game has over 100 levels along with 12 environments.


Also, it comes in a package with secondary objectives and appealing graphics. Gamers can choose the 3D parallax view to get hints when they are unable to digest a problem. Things can be even more interesting with its Arcade mode.

In case you wonder how to play Shadowmatic, you must rotate abstract objects in one spotlight to see whether you can realize the silhouette that matches the surrounding environment’s context.

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9. Dark Sword

This entry is among the best graphics Android games 2021 free. It is based on the slash and side-scrolling gameplay concept.

Dark Sword
The game also dons a hardcore mode for those gaming fans who yearn for some extra taste.

However, instead of an open world or storyline premise, it offers players 100 levels to play. Its eventual aim is to outlast the dark dragon.

10. Hitman Go

Hitman Go takes inspiration from Eidos, a hit stealth action game. It features a portable experience in a turn-based puzzle venture.

Hitman Go
Hitman Go

Firstly, you need to get into the skin of Agent 47. Secondly, complete the mission of defeating targets at all levels with specific conditions.

A level is designed on a grid board with interconnected lines and nodes as the movement path for the game’s characters.

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