Want to play videogames but do not have spare space on your device? These five android titles would be your best bet - you can play them even if you don't have access to the internet on your device.

1 - Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a life/farming sim that can easily create hundreds of gameplay hours for players who are interested in the usual farming games. Things start off rather simple, with you growing some crops and raising a chicken – but soon enough you would be controlling fields and massive ranches while exploring a mysterious dungeon. Stardew gives you massive hours for your money – probably the most efficient purchase on this list.

Stardew Valley

2 - Minecraft

One of the most popular game in the world – Minecraft pretty much needs no introduction. This survival game can offer hundreds of hours in playtime, along with an optional creation mode in which you can craft your own world endlessly. There is also an adventure mode, which is the survival mode but with various restrictions that can spike up the gameplay. Overall, this game is definitely worth your money, and it is suitable for players of any age.


3 - Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game in which you would manipulate the world’s impossible architecture to guide your character, a silent princess, to go through it. The game is one of the best-looking puzzle games on android to date, with a surreal, beautiful world dotted with impossible geometry and fantastical architecture…

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Being a puzzle game, Monument Valley is definitely easier for the system - you can pretty much run it on most devices.

4 - Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a real-time strategy roguelike game that contains hand-drawn art and deep strategical gameplay. In this game, your task is to defend your island from a Viking invasion. You would have to make the most of your given location to survive – as the islands are procedurally generated, the replayability of this title is off the chart, as every playthrough would be unique.

Bad North

5 - Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an adventure game with a fluid and graceful snowboarding mechanic. You would get to explore procedurally generated terrains in this game so that every level would not be the same. Alto’s Adventure is also pretty easy - the one-button trick system is trivial for even a little kid to play. The original soundtrack is super immersive as well - great with a headphone.

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