Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is the thirteenth installment in the franchise, developed by Rockstar Leeds and published back on March 17, 2009, for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. A version for the Android was released later, in December 2014. Despite not being a success commercially, this game is ranked very high by players and critics.


In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars For Android and where to download it.

1 - Where To Download Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Android?

APK.sum is probably the best page that you can find to download GTA Chinatown Wars For Android. Below is the link for the download page:


You only need to download either the APK or the MOD file along with the data file OBB to your device. Make sure that you have about 1 GB of free space. After the download is complete, decompress and move the obb file to the sdcard/Android/obb directory. Run the APK/MOD file to install the game - afterward, you would be able to play as normal.

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2 - GTA Chinatown Wars Story Overview

The game is set within the fictional Liberty City (based on New York City). You would step into the shoes of a young Triad member named Huang Lee, who is left for dead by unknown assailants after they steal a family heirloom from him: a sword gifted by Huang's late father. Surviving, Huang embarks on a journey to find the sword and exact revenge on those responsible for the theft, which leads him to become involved in a power struggle amongst Liberty City's Triads and eventually uncover the truth behind his father's murder.


Overall, the story is very similar to the usual GTA stories, with the player character getting stabbed in the back but survives to enact revenge... and in the process, they all get tangled within the criminal world.

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The settings of the story are much more unique than usual - it revolves around the Asian mafia "triad" instead of just the usual stereotypical crime organizations. You would get to see a much different world than what you have experienced in the previous GTA games.

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3 - GTA Chinatown Wars Gameplay


Unlike other 3D games in the franchise, Chinatown is a top-down perspective RPG. It has an aerial camera that can be rotated to allow players to freely change angles during action sequences. Unlike GTA 1 and 2, Chinatown Wars uses fully 3D graphics with the exception of its cutscenes. The game is released after GTA 4 and set in the same city - because of that, players are allowed to freely explore Liberty City in its Grand Theft Auto IV rendition (except for the State of Alderney).


While the top-down perspective might be good in some ways, there are a few minor problems. If one were to go under a building or other structure, the character would disappear.


Being a mobile/handheld game, the game uses a basic lock-on system for combat. This yields variable results, however, as the system can be faulty sometimes - with vehicles getting locked instead of enemies. The game would also lock on automatically if you use a melee weapon.


The main feature that distinguishes Chinatown Wars from the rest of the franchises is the PDA. You can access many features of the game using this menu, including the Ammu-Nation online shop and Trade Info, which is used in the drug dealing side feature.

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With the game having no voice acting, the email feature of the PDA is the main way the protagonist receives missions.


The player can once again obtain and use weapons such as the Flame Thrower, Chainsaw and Minigun. The game also re-introduces vehicles that were removed in GTA 4 such as the Speeder, Bulldozer and the Rhino. Emergency side-missions such as Paramedic and Firefighter also return, along with taxi driving.

4 - Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars For Android Cheats

Cheats can be activated by arranging the letters on the whiteboard inside any of the safehouses in GTA Chinatown Wars. This makes them unable to be used in the Lite (free) version of the game, as Safehouses are not available unless you get the full version.

  • Weapon pack 1: LOADOA
  • Weapon pack 2: LOADOB
  • Weapon pack 3: LOADOC
  • Weapon pack 4: LOADOD
  • Armor: SHELLY
  • Health: LIFEUP
  • Wanted level up: COPIN
  • Wanted level down: COPOUT
  • Explosive eagle: BOOMCAN
  • Jump 1 hour: JUMPHR
  • Jump 6 hours: JUMPHRS
  • Jump 1 day: JUMPDAY
  • Get $10,000: CASHIN

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