GTA 5 is undoubtedly one of the most successful games ever made - it still remains on the top 10 "most played" game list, even to this day. This is a prime example of how awesome Rockstar Games is with the open-world RPG genre.

However, no game lasts forever. If you are bored with GTA 5 and want to try something new, these 5 games should be your first picks.

1 - Red Dead Redemption 2

This is pretty much the best western game on PC currently - a worthy sequel to the original RDR. The best part about RDR 2 is its insane level of detail in every part of the world, depicting a clear and true picture of the historical American West.

Red Dead Redemption Ii Pc Experience

The world feels alive, with characters and wildlife go about their business regardless of your involvement. The campaign lasts for a whopping 70 hours... and after you completed it, there's also the multiplayer component Red Dead Online for fans of the gameplay.

2 - Mafia 2

The peak of the Mafia franchise - you would step into the shoes of former soldier Vito Scaletta, who joined the mob after returning from war. The best part of the game is the settings - you would get to immerse yourself in the Mafia Era of America. The entire story is immaculately produced with plenty of drama to keep you speeding through the chapters.

Mafia 2 Explosion

The gameplay is fairly decent despite a pretty wonky cover system. While driving feels less responsive than GTA 5, it is never boring when you have to drive from A to B... as the world is densely packed with content.

3 - Sleeping Dogs

If you are bored with the usual "American" setting, Sleeping Dogs would be a breath of fresh air. It is a clone of GTA sets in Hong Kong. In the course of the game, you would explore the criminal underworld in the far eastern territory as an undercover cop.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition 1 2769

The level of details in the game is unreal - from the many landmarks to the Cantonese slang spoken by street food vendors... You would feel like a resident of that certain place for real. The combat is fairly decent, with a bigger focus on melee fights.

4 - Yakuza Kiwami

Another entry of the far East - this time we visit the criminal underworld of Japan instead of China, where the Japanese Mafia "Yakuza" rule supreme. Yakuza Kiwami tells the story of Kazuma Kiryu... who takes the blame for a murder he never did. Step into Kiryu's shoes as he returns from prison to a changing world.


Yakuza is also a crime epic - you would get to explore every nook and cranny of the fictional city of Kamurocho over the course of the series. The combat in this game is mostly melee-based - the franchise is known for its brutal fistfights.

5 - La Noire

Unlike these 4 games above, La Noire would put you into the shoes of a cop instead of a criminal. However, there's another twist - the protagonist Cole Phelps is not a modern cop... he is a detective in the city of Los Angeles during the Golden Age of Hollywood (1940s -1950s).

La Noire Ps4 Xbox One Driving

If you have seen the classic detective movies and enjoyed them - this game would definitely give you a unique experience. While you’ll be playing on the side of the good guys, the lines between right and wrong are constantly blurred, especially as you start investigating vice and arson cases.

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