Minecraft keeps changing! They've added new places to explore like Drippy Caves and Lush Jungles, and even tall mountains. Some areas, like Birch Forests, are waiting for their turn to be updated. Minecraft also gets new building blocks, like fancy Tuff bricks, light-up Copper things, and even secret rooms! One player wants to see a new forest with cool textures and unique builds. Let’s check it out!

It’s truly a vast pine forest!

KB_Craft_Creations recently posted six images showcasing their concept for a Minecraft pine forest. These screenshots feature different perspectives of their pine forest, including aerial views and close-ups that reveal intricate details within the biome. To enhance the realism of the trees, the player has creatively used Tuff, Dripstone, and various types of wood to add distinctive touches to their appearance.

Pine Forest Minecraft

Pine Forest Minecraft 2

Pine Forest Minecraft 3

Pine Forest Minecraft 4

Pine Forest Minecraft 5

Pine Forest Minecraft 6

In addition to Tuff and Dripstone, other Minecraft items used in this pine forest include wooden buttons, fences, and slabs. Standard trees typically consist of one type of wood, each offering a unique aesthetic, although players often customize them according to their preferences. This interpretation of pine trees aims for greater realism compared to the existing in-game versions, resembling their real-life counterparts more closely.

How to make a pine forest in Minecraft

Even though the Minecraft blocks used to create this pine forest are part of the base edition, the screenshots may appear different from what players might anticipate.

According to the player, they utilized Axiom and WorldEdit tools to construct this pine forest in Minecraft. Also, they employed Sildurs Shaders, Chunky, and Vanilla Tweaks to enhance their screenshots and achieve a more realistic appearance for the forest.

Perhaps Minecraft might get pine forests someday, but for now, this player made one extra amazing with special tricks! Even though it's unlikely Mojang will exactly copy it, many players expect Birch Forests to be updated soon.

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