A fan of Attack on Titan spent over 65 days and 500 further hours recreating Shiganshina District in Minecraft. Check out this impressive wonder of the Minecraft world here. It's true to the Attack on Titan's Shiganshina District in every detail.

Shiganshina District In Minecraft

The Reddit user stan616 (u/a1ndrea) shared an impressive project combining Attack on Titan and Minecraft. This devoted player recreated a meticulous map of Shiganshina District by using in-game elements creatively.

According to this player, he spent over 65 days and 500 hours working hard on this project. He also shared a 41-minute video on how he recreated this district in Minecraft on YouTube. Though he cannot show you the whole construction progress in that video, stan616 presented his approaches to this giant project.

Shiganshina district was recreated vividly in Minecraft.

For example, this player spent two days planting grass and four days planting trees in this district. He also summarizes the way to build Eren Yeager's house. Shiganshina is not the first and only huge construction project in the Minecraft world, but it's the latest one.

This Youtuber and Minecraft player also uploaded many videos featuring his creation processes when recreating well-known houses and castles in Ghibli movies, such as Spirit Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Besides, you can also watch him recreate One Piece's pirate ships in Minecraft on his channel.

This devoted Minecraft player also creates many other impressive anime-inspired structures. It's a great source of reference for fans of animes in Minecraft. Attack On Titan is one of the most renowned anime and manga series in the world. Stan616's Shiganshina district is not the first recreated work. It's also reconstructed in many other games.

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