Franklin's house is one of the iconic landmarks that all Grand Theft Auto V players know. With Franklin's return in GTA Online, the house has gained a fair bit of updates to add more to the character's story. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Franklin's house GTA 5.

Gta Online The Contract
The Contract update brings Franklin back to GTA.

1. Where is Franklin's house?

Franklin's house is 3671 Whispymound Drive, located on Vinewood Hills. It is a safehouse in Grand Theft Auto V, given to protagonist Franklin Clinton upon completion of The Hotel Assassination by Lester.

Vinewood Hills is based on and named after Hollywood Hills. It is home to the iconic Vinewood Sign and is also Los Santos' largest and northernmost neighborhood.

3671 Whispymound Drive
3671 Whispymound Drive is unlocked after GTA 5 Franklin house mission.

After the first GTA 5 Assassination quest, Lester informs Franklin that his portfolio was getting a "little successful" and give Franklin some tangible assets, which is a new house. This allows Franklin to move out of his aunt Denise's house.

franklin's new house gta 5 map
Location of Franklin's new house GTA 5 map

2. Franklin's house details & interactions

Franklin's house GTA 5 is a modern villa in Vinewood Hills with two floors, a garage, an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi. The whole place is decorated with abstract art and has a modernist architectural flair. Players can park their personal vehicles adjacent to the road or in the garage.

The interior
There are only a few things that can be interact with inside Franklin's house.

Franklin's residence is the only residential safehouse that can be accessed by all three protagonists. However, only Franklin can interact with the features inside.

What you can do inside Franklin's house

  • The player may save the game and/or advance time by eight in-game hours by using Franklin's bed in his bedroom. Franklin can change his clothes using the walk-in closet.
  • Franklin can use the laptop on the island in the kitchen (after completion of Monkey Business). There are also a health kit and a glass of wine.
  • The player may interact with Chop if he is at his doghouse near the jacuzzi outside.
  • There are a bong, a TV, a telescope and a couch in the living area that can be used.

Franklin's house GTA 5 after The Contract Update

Franklin's house got an upgrade as part of The Contract update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Minor changes can be detected, including a plaque reading "The Clintons". It can be seen below the 3671 numberings of the house.

Franklin's house in GTA Online
Franklin's house in GTA Online has changed a bit but overall still recognizable.

A slide is added by the pool, which is presumably for Franklin's children. Some additional pool equipment is also added. The interior of the house, while visible to the player, is still inaccessible. Observant players can see some changes to the furniture inside the house and the clothing inside Franklin's closet.

3. How to get in Franklin's house

If you have an Up-N-Atomizer pistol in your inventory, you can break into Franklin's house in GTA Online. Firstly, just hop up on the wall on the left side of his house then follow it around. When you are on top of the garage, jump across to the main roof. Once you are there, shoot the Up-N-Atomizer towards the floor near the solar panels.

To acquire the Up-n-Atomizer, players need to buy it in Ammu-Nation. The gun is rather expensive, with a price tag of $399,000.

Players can still glitch to get inside
Players can use a glitch to get inside Franklin's house.

As the weapon cause a knockback shockwave, you would ragdoll through the wall and get up inside the house. Once you get in, it is possible to have a walk around and check out the interior of the place, just like in the story mode of GTA V. However, there's nobody home - you won't bump into Franklin in the living room or having to fight off Chop outside.

Furthermore, there is nothing much to do inside. You can walk around... and that's about it. There is nothing to steal and you can't move in to make it your own house either.

4. How to upgrade Franklin's house

It is possible to upgrade Franklin's house GTA 5 by using a mod (only in story mode). There are only a couple of mods that can do this, with the most common one being Franklin's Party Lounge Deluxe.

There are a lot of new improvements, from the completely overhauled Pool area with 200+ more objects to animals and even a parking lot and helipad on the roof. A lot of walls and fences are added to create the best mansion possible.

 Franklin's place
The mod completely overhauled Franklin's place and turn it into a massive penthouse.

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