GTA Online's newest update has added a new brand of customization into the game, Imani Tech. They come with two of the most wanted features in GTA Online: a remote control unit and missile lock-on jammers. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about GTA Online Imani Tech in The Contract DLC.

1. How to unlock Imani Tech upgrades in GTA Online

Players need to invest a hefty amount upfront to unlock the new content in the update. Firstly, they need to purchase one of the 4 agencies on the Dynasty 8 Executive webzsite ($2,010,000 to $2,830,000). Afterward, buy the Vehicle Workshop upgrade ($800,000) to get access to the new Imani Tech upgrades.

Imani tech
The new GTA Online Imani tech upgrades can be installed from the Agency.

The Remote Control Unit costs $235,000. The Missile Lock-On Jammers is almost twice that, at $400,000. Furthermore, players also need to buy some GTA The Contract cars, as these new upgrades can only be installed on the following vehicles:

  • Buffalo STX ($2,150,000)
  • Dewbauchee Champion ($2,995,000)
  • Enus Diety ($1,845,000)
  • Enus Jubilee ($1,650,000)

You also need to pick between the two GTA Online Imani Tech upgrades, as they are mutually exclusive.

Gta Online The Contract
These devices can only be fitted on the new cars.

2. How to use Remote Control Unit in GTA Online

With the Remote Control Unit installed, players can turn their vehicles into RC cars and control them using the RC Personal Vehicle option in their Interaction Menu. Upon activation, players will be given a first person view from within the car itself. Besides driving around, players can also use the weapons' machine guns or even detonate them for damage.

Remote Control Unit
It is actually possible to pick up hookers in the RC car mode.

It is a shame that this feature is only available on 4 of the new cars. If it was added to the older, more weaponized vehicles, players can pretty much become Batman, as they can order their car to fire on any target they want.

3. How to use Missile Lock-On Jammers in GTA Online

Griefers are one of the most annoying things to deal with in GTA Online. Most of them spam missiles that auto lock-ok to targets, usually on an Oppressor MK2 - the most powerful vehicle in the game. With the Missile Lock-On Jammers installed, players would get the chance to fight against those players and shake off their attacks.

Missile Lock-On Jammers
Missile Lock-On Jammers is probably the best thing ever added to GTA Online.

While you can still be targeted and get blown up by normal missiles, the griefers have to actually aim now instead of just shooting randomly without any skill needed. This would give low levels a fighting chance and widen the skill gap within the lobby.

It is unsure if Rockstar would eventually expand the car roster that can be installed with this device or not, but currently, these 4 new cars are probably the best personal vehicles to use in the game.

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