GTA Online's latest update, The Contract, has added three new weapons: Compact EMP Launcher, Heavy Rifle, and Stun Gun. It has been a while since we get new guns to play with in GTA, especially high tech weapons like an EMP Launcher. In this article, we are going to showcase all new weapons in GTA Online The Contract update to see if they are worth using or not.

1. Compact EMP Launcher ($397,500)

  • Where to buy: The Agency's Armory

The Compact EMP Launcher is a brand new weapon that emits EMP, which is a pretty niche idea amongst GTA Online The Contract new weapons. On a hit, it can disable the engine of a vehicle for about 5 seconds. However, this doesn't prevent weaponized vehicles from shooting. Deals nearly no damage to players.

Compact EMP Launcher
Compact EMP Launcher

Outside of the EMP projectile, the Compact EMP Launcher works exactly like the Compact Grenade Launcher, which fires a slow projectile in an arc. As the projectile is much slower than bullets in GTA Online, it is very hard to hit a moving target with this launcher. As it can be used as a drive by weapon - you might want to drive closer to enemy vehicles for a guaranteed hit.

Is the Compact EMP Launcher worth buying?

Overall, the Compact EMP Launcher is a very situational weapon that's useful in very limited circumstances. It should not be prioritized at all compared to other things in this update such as new vehicles and upgrades.

2. Heavy Rifle ($450,000)

  • Where to buy: Ammu-Nation

Out of the GTA Online The Contract new weapons added in this update, the Heavy Rifle is probably the most useful. It is a balanced Assault Rifle that can eliminate other players super fast in close range, especially with body shots. As its vertical recoil is fairly low, even new players would be able to use it to get kills.

Heavy Rifle 
Heavy Rifle

Its weakness is the fairly limited headshot range. This means skilled players won't be able to eliminate foes effectively with the Heavy Rifle in comparison to other more reliable weapons such as the Heavy Sniper. It is very generic overall, lacking several upgrade features that Mk II weapons have.

Is the Heavy Rifle worth buying?

Overall, if the Heavy Rifle is half as expensive, it might actually be worth it. It might get an MK2 upgrade later, so players probably can just purchase the gun if they have too much money to spend.

3. Stun Gun ($375,000)

  • Where to buy: The Agency's Armory

The price difference between GTA 5's stun gun and its GTA Online version is absolutely stunning. In GTA 5, you only need $100 to get a stun gun (not counting medal discounts), which is 3750 times less than the GTA Online version. When hit, it stuns a player for 5 seconds.

Stun Gun
Stun Gun

Despite being much more expensive, the GTA Online version isn't stronger. In fact, it is severely nerfed in cooldown, going from nearly 3 seconds in GTA 5 to a whopping 12 seconds in GTA Online. You can't even chain shock a player anymore. Furthermore, it also deals a small amount of damage so that a group of players can't stun lock one player indefinitely.

Is the Stun Gun worth buying?

Overall, the only purpose of this gun is to roleplay around and grief other players. If you have money to spare, purchasing this gun is not a bad idea. It is useless in a normal fight, however.

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