Rockstar updates GTA Online fairly regularly, however, most of those updates are related to multiplayer. There have been single player additions here and there, but few and far between. The new The Contract update is going to be one of them, with quests featuring famous characters in both the game world and the real world. In this article, we are going to showcase the most notable features in GTA Online: The Contract update.

GTA Online: The Contract
GTA Online: The Contract DLC would be a huge story update for GTA Online

1. The return of Franklin

This DLC is Franklin's first appearance after the story arc finished. The events of GTA 5 took place in 2013, meaning that eight years have passed since Franklin's last appearance. Many players love playing as him in story mode, and they would definitely love to see him succeed in life.

Franklin 2013 vs 2021

The guy is no longer the car-stealing small-time criminal he once was at the start of GTA 5. Now, Franklin is the boss of his own agency, which works with big name celebrities. He is the second GTA 5 protagonist to debut in GTA Online - Michael De Santa is the only one missing now.

2. Compact EMP launcher

The handheld Compact EMP launcher is going to be the first weapon of its kind in GTA Online. It is a weapon that can disable electronics, such as lighting, security cameras, and keypads. This weapon has a lot of potentials in GTA and will unlock a lot of gameplay elements unavailable prior to the update.

Furthermore, it is also classified as a handgun. In GTA Online, players can tap the firing button of handguns to increase their fire rate while retaining accuracy.

Compact EMP Launcher
The Compact EMP launcher can disable vehicles and other devices easily.

3. The Agency

The Agency, owned by Franklin, is going to be a new business or organization in GTA Online. The place is likely to be unpurchaseable, as it is the headquarters where Franklin and his partners work from. After the story missions conclude, players should be able to use the Agency as a mission starting point and receive tasks from Franklin.

Regarding the location of the Agency, some excited fans did a bit of investigation. Based on the pictures of the Agency office revealed by Rockstar, the office might be in a triangular-shaped building west of Decker Park on the edge of Little Seoul.

The Agency
The Agency in GTA Online: The Contract is owned by Franklin.

4. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is one of the most famous music producers in the world. He is a cultural icon and a leading name in Rap & Hip Hop since the 90s. Dre's mission is going to be one of the biggest celebrity cameos ever added to GTA, where players are hired to retrieve his missing phone and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The update will include a lot of new music tracks from Dr. Dre himself, alongside other guest artists.

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre in GTA Online: The Contract

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