Rockstar Games has just announced new storyline content for GTA Online called The Contract. This DLC is going to feature GTA V's Franklin Clinton and popular American rapper Andre "Dr. Dre" Young. In this article, we are going to showcase everything revealed so far about GTA Online The Contract DLC, including weapons, vehicles and characters.

1. GTA Online The Contract DLC release date & details

The new DLC is going to be released next week, on December 15. It features a new set of story missions involving GTA V's Franklin and Dr. Dre. Players will need to scour the whole city of San Andreas looking for Dr. Dre's lost mobile phone, which contains his new music.

Gta Online The Contract
Franklin finally join GTA Online as part of GTA Online The Contract.

Famous supporting characters from the series like Lamar and Chop the Dog will also make an appearance, alongside a new character called Imani, who is a skilled hacker. This is likely to be a collaboration of sorts, as Rockstar Games has also announced that it will be adding a range of "new and unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre and a heavy-hitting line-up of artists."

In October, rapper Snoop Dogg revealed he had contributed to some of the music Dr. Dre was making for the then unannounced GTA project. That might refer to this DLC.

2. New weapons in The Contract DLC

Two new weapons are going to be added to the game in the Contract DLC: The Compact EMP Launcher and the Stun Gun.

Compact EMP Launcher

The compact EMP launcher is a handgun that can shoot EMP blasts. This allows players to disable enemies' vehicles and devices. This is the first EMP weapon to be added to GTA Online.

Compact EMP Launcher
The Compact EMP Launcher might become the next griefing weapon.

Stun Gun

The Stun Gun can shock victims with thousands of volts of electricity and then leave them incapable of getting up. Overall, this is a fairly limited weapon with a short effective range. It was part of GTA V but hasn't been added to GTA Online until this update.

Stun Gun Gta V
The stun gun might be useless due to its super low range.

3. New vehicles in The Contract DLC

New vehicles are mandatory in every new GTA Online update and the Contract is not an exception. There are two new vehicles in The Contract DLC: Enus Jubilee and Dewbauchee Champion

The Enus Jubilee

This is an ultra-luxury car made by Enus, a parody of the ultra-luxury companies Rolls Royce and Bentley.

The Enus Jubilee
The Enus Jubilee

The Dewbauchee Champion

This car is based on the Aston Martin Victor

The Dewbauchee Champion
The Dewbauchee Champion

4. New property in The Contract DLC

The Agency is the new property to be added in the Contract update. The story missions will be tied to this new and unique GTA Online business. Upon completion, players will be able to do various special missions from this new property.

The agency
The agency in GTA Online The Contract might be a new business that players can purchase later.

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