With a roster of over 700 different vehicles, there is no shortage of options for GTA Online players if they want a vehicle. However, nothing in the game currently can beat the hoverbike Oppressor Mk II in terms of versatility and power. It is used by players in both PVP and PVE and has been a common sight for the last few years. In this article, we are going to showcase the 5 reasons why Oppressor Mk II is the most powerful vehicle in GTA Online.

1. Rocket spammer with good tracking

Despite being just a small hoverbike, the Oppressor Mk II has four rocket launchers, which can be used to destroy unarmored vehicles in the blink of an eye.

These missiles, in particular, are better than the Homing Launcher's version and the ones on most aircraft such as Helicopters and Jets. They have great tracking and can be spammed pretty liberally, making flares and chaffs much less useful.

firing rockets
Firing rockets at enemy vehicles

While the ammo capacity for missiles is limited, players can easily refill it at a parked Terrorbyte. Other than missiles, the bike can also be equipped with machine guns or explosive machine guns, which behaves like the 30mm explosive cannons from vehicles like the Valkyrie and the RM-10 Bombushka.

2. Speed and maneuverability

The Oppressor Mk II is one of the fastest bikes in GTA 5, with the ability to traverse all terrains. It is easy to control as well: above ground, the vehicle handles like a normal motorbike. The hovering feature allows the Oppressor to ignore all the usual problems a motorbike has like terrains and the inability to go over water.

Oppressor MK2 attack
You can use the Mk II as a normal bike if you want.

The Oppressor Mk II maximum speed is about 130 mph. While the rocket boost has little to no effect while on top speed, players can use it to get to top speed at a much faster time. This allows players to perform hit and run tactics easily without getting caught by enemies. This makes the Mk2 very hard to deal with.

3. Countermeasures

Like all airborne vehicles, the Mk II can be fitted with all sorts of countermeasures to improve its survival against enemy attacks. Its speed and elusiveness is still the most useful tool, of course.

Each countermeasure has its own uses:

  • Chaff disrupts the targeting system of missile launchers, preventing them from locking onto the vehicle for 5 seconds. It has a delay of 5 seconds and an ammo capacity of 10.
  • Flare drops behind players to disorient the homing missiles and prevent them from chasing. They have a lower cooldown of 3 seconds and an ammo capacity of 20.
  • Smoke creates a trail of smoke behind the vehicle, which can be used to blind enemy pilots. However, its effectiveness is fairly limited and the enemy player can just move out of the trail. At least smoke has no cooldown.
Oppressor MK2
Oppressor MK 2's rocket boost feature

4. Vehicle type

Because of its type, players can store the Oppressor Mk II inside an MC bike garage or any standard garage. This is much better than the usual high end cars or planes, which require their own fancy garages.

It can be selected as a favorite bike, which increases its bullet resistance, health regeneration, and damage efficiency for all weapons in its arsenal.

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