The Oppressor MK2 is probably one of the most annoying vehicles ever released in GTA Online. It is small, fast, hard to hit and packs a lot of rockets. MK2 users are more often than not griefers who want to kill you just for fun. While some desperately look for ways to upgrade the Oppressor MK2, others just pray it let them alone.

In this article, we are going to show you how to deal with the Oppressor MK2 in GTA Online.

For car drivers and bike riders

If you see an Oppressor Mk2 flying towards you, just hit the brake, get out of the car and pull out your weapon. Minigun, Heavy Sniper Mk II with explosive bullets or Marksman Rifle Mk II are sufficient. This is the crucial weakness of the MK2 - it can't lock missiles on you while you are on foot. Bike works the same.

Gta Online Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifles are needed to deal with MK2s.

After killing the guy, you can use the off-radar service from Lester or CEO's ability of Ghost Organization to hide your position from the radar. This way, that annoying MK2 won't come after you again after respawning.

shooting at the MK2 user
It is very easy if you have a friend to shoot at the MK2 user.

Armored vehicles like the Insurgent or Menacer can protect you for a while, especially if you are driving with friends. Your friend could use the machine gun to kill the MK2.

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For fighter heli pilots

Try to land and do all the above. However, if you can't land, just fly to a really high altitude then try to fight back. The Oppressor Mk II's other weakness is slow vertical ascending. When you are on top of it, try to shower the Mk2 with homing missiles or rocket barrages.

Oppressor Mk2
You can always get your own Oppressor MK2

Bait for flares by firing 1 missile first then continue with the rest of the barrage. Hunter and Akula are the best for this approach.

For fighter plane pilots

Do the same thing as a fighter heli, as the MK2 just can't deal with foes on a higher altitude. Just avoid shooting it with bullets, as the thing is just too small to spot effectively. It is recommended to use one of the more agile fighter jets with continuous firing modes like Molotok, Nokota or Pyro.

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