GTA Online is a multiplayer game, with players cooperate together to complete quests and deliver cargoes. However, sometimes it just gets monotonous and boring. If you feel that way while playing, it might be time to fire up your Oppressor MK2 and begin ruining other people's day.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 ways to grief in GTA Online.

1 - Oppressor MK2

In GTA Online's long history, no vehicle is as dreaded and hated as the Oppressor MK2. Being a hoverbike, the Oppressor MK2 can travel on all terrains land, air and sea. This versatility is probably the best part about the vehicle - you can pretty much do everything except for diving underwater.

Gta Online Oppressor Mk2
GTA Online Oppressor Mk2 is the best griefing weapon in the game

The worst part when fighting against this vehicle is that it is just too nimble to hit. The thing also has missiles and machine guns which can destroy players' cargo easily.

2 - Nightshark + Sticky Bombs

The Nightshark performs very well for such a big armored vehicle. It has great acceleration, good top speed and handling... on top of the excellent protection. Similar to the Insurgent, the Nightshark is extremely resistant to explosions - it can soak up hits from explosions and homing missiles easily.

Nightshark can tank a lot of explosion
Nightshark is very fast and can tank a lot of explosions

Because of this, you can just stick multiple sticky bombs on the front of the Nightshark then hit other players with it for an instant kill.

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3 - Jets

Jets are amongst the most powerful vehicles in the game, and they can destroy other players easily with overwhelming firepower. These things are also fast - you usually need your own jet to fight against enemies using one. This is why this vehicle is one of the best ways to grief noobs.

Jets have a lot of firepower
Jets have a lot of firepowers

4 - Firing Orbital Cannons

This method of griefing is uncounterable, as long as you are willing to spend money. For half a million a shot, anything you aim at would be reduced to rubble. It feels really satisfying, especially if you managed to kill multiple players in a row.

Destroying foes while staying inside of your bunker
Destroying foes while staying inside of your bunker

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