Showing off is something everyone does in online games... and GTA Online is not an exception. There is definitely a sense of superiority when flexing your shiny golden vehicle at those level 10 new players who have just joined the session.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best ways to show off wealth in GTA Online. Just be careful, as these vehicles/weapons are not cost-effective at all.

5 - Firing off Orbital Cannon shots

Cost: $500k per shot

Nothing is as showy as completely obliterating your puny enemies with a weapon from orbit. You can spam it occasionally, with the cooldown being 1 in-game day or 48 real-time minutes. To be able to fire the cannon, you also have to build it first when customizing their facilities (which adds further cost on top of the $900k installation).

Orbital Cannon
Orbital Cannon control room

Besides the manual $500k shots, you can also use the automatically aimed type that costs $750k per shot.

4 - Swift Deluxe

Cost: 5 million

The golden helicopter Swift Deluxe is the second most showy aircraft in the game. Overall, it is more or less the same as a classic Swift outside of the gold plating and black stripes. However, its speed is a little bit slower due to the heavy gold coat.

Swift Deluxe
Swift Deluxe

The interior of the plane is fitted with luxury gears - from a TV screen to surround sound and leather furniture. There's also a coffee machine. Overall, this plane is great for RP-ing.

3 - High Roller Penthouse

Cost: $6.5 million

The High Roller Penthouse is the best building that you can buy in GTA Online. It is the most expensive of all the penthouse options. You can always add in further additional cost as well - like the private dealer that cost $1 million. The whole thing also has a maintenance fee of over $1k per day.

High Roller Penthouse 
High Roller Penthouse

Owning this penthouse would put you into the very top tier of GTA Online players, as most people usually just go with the cost-effective options.

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2 - Galaxy Super Yacht

Cost: $6million to $10 million

A private Yacht is the symbol of wealth in both the real world and the video game world. There are three yachts in GTA Online for players to pick from, and they are all called Galaxy Super Yacht. The Orion is the cheapest one at 6 million, the Pisces is 7 and the Aquarius is 8. After buying them, you need to pay about two million worth of customization as well - the final Gold fitting is $750k.

Galaxy Super Yacht
Galaxy Super Yacht: Aquarius model

The Galaxy Super Yacht is absolutely humongous and its docking place in the harbor is also cooler than the usual penthouse.

1 - Luxor Deluxe

Cost: $10 million

This massive, golden aircraft is the status symbol of a top player in GTA Online. It is the most expensive vehicle in the game. Anyone with one of these will attract attention (it's a huge golden plane, after all). Combat-wise, the Luxor Deluxe is completely defenseless - its speed is even lower than the normal Luxor due to the weight of the extra gold. Comparing to the usual armed planes, the Luxor is pretty much a sitting duck.

Luxor Deluxe
Luxor Deluxe

Passengers on the plane can drink champagne, smoke cigars and browse the internet within the plane, instead of using the Mobile Phone. Similar to the Swift Deluxe, this vehicle is perfect for RP-ing.

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