GTA Online is one of the best multiplayer experiences ever created, with a lot of customizations for players to tinker with. Amongst them, properties are probably the most important - some can act as a hideout for players to hang out in without worrying about getting killed or hunted down by police... while others are businesses that players could use to get extra cash.

Gta V Skip Missions

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best properties in GTA Online.

5 - Wonderama Arcade

Players would be able to purchase an arcade after meeting with Lester Crest to set up the Diamond Casino Heist. The Wonderama Arcade in Grapeseed is the perfect property, as it is on the cheaper side but still looks good. It comes with a large room filled with arcade machines, along with a manager's office and a bar... for only $1,565,000.


There is a lot of customization that you could do in this place, both aesthetic and functionality.

4 - LSIA Hangar 1

The best type of vehicles in the game are planes and helicopters... and to own them you need a hangar for storage and customization. These can also be used for smuggling operations as well. Upon purchase of a hangar, players would get a complimentary Cuban 800 aircraft.

Gtaonline Hangar 1 Main 1553 1080

Overall, LSIA Hangar 1 is the cheapest and therefore our prime choice.

3 - Maze Bank Tower

Maze Bank Tower is one of the four office buildings that can be purchased in the game... and the biggest building in Los Santos. It gives the players plenty of missions to make money upon purchase. Furthermore, it can even be turned into a safe house by adding accommodations like a basic bed, wardrobe, and bathroom.

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2 - The Master Penthouse

The Master Penthouse is located in The Diamond Casino & Resort - it comes with 4 different packages that players could customize between. The whole thing is an ultra-deluxe class complex, with bedrooms, living room, lounge, media, bar, spa room, helicopter access... and more.


Overall, the Master Penthouse is probably amongst the best looking houses in GTA Online.

1 - Galaxy Super Yacht Pisces Model

This is the final top-tier property that you could buy in GTA Online. The Galaxy Super Yacht is pretty much a moving penthouse on water, with various luxurious features placed in 3 individual decks and a large bridge. The Pisces model is the best - you would have pretty much everything without having to spend any extra.

Galaxy Super Yachts

The ship costs $7 million,  is 210 feet long and has three guest rooms, an expansive sun deck, two helipads, a hot tub, and a variety of different air and water vehicles that can be taken out on a spin.

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