GTA Online features some of the biggest arsenals of lethal weapons in gaming. From traditional melee blades to futuristic laser blasters, there is something for everyone. However, the more advanced weapons are only unlocked as players level up... and some of them are just too expensive.

To succeed, beginners need to pick cost-effective and easy to acquire weapons. Therefore, in this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best beginner weapons in GTA Online.

Beginner Weapons In GTA Online
Weapons are very important in GTA Online's early game

5 - Micro SMG

This Shrewsbury SMG appears in pretty much all GTA games. In GTA Online, it is unlocked fairly early and is very easy to acquire for just $3,750. Combat-wise, the Micro SMG has a very high rate of fire and great accuracy at close to middle range. Even someone who has never shot a video game weapon before should be able to make it works.

Micro SMG
Micro SMG

The weakness of the Micro SMG is its lower magazine capacity at only 16 rounds. However, players can upgrade that to 30.

4 - Bullpup Rifle

The Bullpup Rifle can be purchased from Ammu-Nation in GTA Online for $14,500. Despite its low price, the Bullpup's damage potential can rival some of the more advanced rifles. If you are fighting at close or mid-range, the lower accuracy won't be much of a problem.

Bullpup Rifle
Bullpup Rifle

To deal with its accuracy weakness, just get grip and scope attachments to compensate.

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3 - Marksman Rifle

The Marksman Rifle is a Sniper/Assault rifle hybrid, which enables it to push out decent damage at an acceptable fire rate. It can't be equipped with an advanced scope, however, which makes the gun less effective in long-range combat. You can move while aiming down the scope of the Marksman rifle.

Marksman Rifle
Marksman Rifle is highly recommended among all weapons for beginners in GTA Online.

It can equip a Flashlight, a Grip and an Extended Clip. The last one is the most useful, as it eliminates the need for frequent reloads. The Marksman Rifle can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $15,750.

2 - AP Pistol

The Armor-Piercing Pistol or AP Pistol is very accurate, has little recoil that can be lightened even more with a suppressor attachment. While its original magazine is on the low side, you can upgrade that to 36 rounds for very cheap.

AP Pistol
AP Pistol

The high-rank requirement is the only bad thing about this weapon, as you need to reach rank 33 to unlock it.

1 - Special Carbine

Combining accuracy, maneuverability, firepower and low recoil, the Special Carbine is an extremely versatile assault rifle for any combat situation, making it the best among beginner weapons in GTA Online. It is also perfect for long fights, with a 60-round standard magazine and a 100-round dual-drum.

Special Carbine
Special Carbine

This weapon for beginner is also very cheap as well - you can get your hand on it for just $14,750. This is a big save in GTA Online that newbie beginners wouldn't want to miss out on.

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