Purchasing a good weapon in GTA Online is the only way that you can fend off enemies and rise to the top. However, amongst the massive arsenal of weapons in this game, only a few are useful. Rockstar has created quite a few useless stuff to trick people to spend money on.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 worst weapons in GTA Online that players should not buy.

1 - Assault Rifle

A lot of players who are new to GTA Online but familiar with other shooters are tricked into buying this gun. The assault rifle looks like an AK, but it has none of the power that an AK is supposed to have.

Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle

It deals less damage per hit than the Carbine Rifle while having less accuracy and fire rate. At earlier stages of the game, you can out-damage handguns and submachine guns... but later on, any other AR would be better than this gun.

2 - Pump Action Shotgun

Usually, in shooters, pump-action shotguns are supposed to deal enough damage to one-shot enemies, in exchange for their low rate of fire. However, this is not the case in GTA Online - you can't one-shot people with this weapon at all.

Pump Action Shotgun
Pump Action Shotgun

And with the PAS being super slow, it is likely that you would get killed after the first shot. This makes the gun literally useless in most situations.

3 - Proximity Mines

While Proximity Mines might look like a good idea in the chaotic world of the game, it is actually one of the worst weapons in GTA Online. The first problem is that you can only have 5 of them in your inventory maximum... while proximity mines are the type of weapons that need to be deployed en masse to be useful.

The second and most crucial weakness is its activation time - targets usually would have enough time to move outside of the blast radius before it explodes. Overall, just stick with Sticky Bombs.

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4 - Marksman Rifle

The Heavy Sniper exchanges maneuverability for extreme firepower, with one shot dealing massive damage that can even take out vehicles. The Marksman Rifle, on the other hand, does not make that conversion.

Marksman Rifle
Marksman Rifle is amongst the Worst Weapons In GTA Online

While you can move around when aiming with the Marksman Rifle, its firepower is much weaker than the Heavy Sniper. Most enemies would just run away and heal up.

Having said that, Marksman Rifle is one of the best weapons for beginners in GTA Online as it reduces the need for frequent reloads.

5 - Sweeper Shotgun

It is almost like Rockstar design the shotgun class to be weak. In exchange for being the fastest shotgun in the game, the Sweeper shotgun's spread and damage are terrible. At close range, you usually need more than 2 shots to finish a player. That's in the best-case scenario when all shots hit the target.

Sweeper Shotgun
Sweeper Shotgun

Overall, just stick with the Combat shotgun if you want to fight close and personal.

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