GTA Online's whole gameplay revolves around getting more money to move up in the world. To gain advantages over your enemies, spending carefully is a must. Unlike in GTA 5, players can run a lot of businesses in GTA Online to earn both passive and active income.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most efficient business properties you can buy in GTA Online.

1 - Lombank West

Price: $3,100,000

While Lombank West is not the cheapest office building in the game, it is actually the perfect spot to set up your organization. You can then buy a lot of useful businesses close in the vicinity - from drugs, vehicles to large warehouses. This saves a lot of time moving around.

Lombank West
Lombank West Helipad

Furthermore, the office's helicopter pad allows players to quickly select a plane and immediately spawn mid-air above it... or select a ground vehicle to spawn outside. This eliminates the need to exit the building on foot.

2 - Del Perro Heights

Price: $200,000

Getting a high-end apartment is a requirement for setting up heists. Apartment 7 at Del Perro Heights is one of the cheapest business properties to buy in GTA Online you should consider. It is also very close to Morningwood Cocaine Lockup and Lombank West. This makes it an even better option if you are planning on getting all 3.

Del Perro Heights
Del Perro Heights Building

And the earlier you can access an apartment, the faster you can grind money from heists like Cayo Perico.

3 - Raton Canyon Bunker

Price: $1,450,000

This is the 2nd cheapest bunker in the game - you can get the Raton Canyon complex online fairly early. The best part about this bunker is that it is naturally defended by the terrain. The mountains surround it protect you when lifting off aerial vehicles.

Raton Canyon Bunker
Raton Canyon Bunker Opening

Furthermore, Raton Canyon Bunker has access to the highway through a dirt road and is not too far from resupply missions. This makes it fairly safe from potential griefers - you should be left alone most of the time.

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4 - Del Perro Nightclub

Price: $1,645,000

While the Del Perro Nightclub is not the most expensive one you can buy, it is actually the best among business properties to buy in GTA Online. It is close to the previously mentioned Del Perro Heights and Lombank West Office. Additionally, it is right next to the highway and the beach. The aircraft spawn is also close in the vicinity.

Furthermore, it is on the edge of the map - while supply runs will take longer, you won't attract much attention. Griefers can cause more trouble and cost you more time if you picked a closer location.

5 - Videogeddon La Mesa

Price: $1,875,000

The Videogeddon in La Mesa is considered the best Arcade in GTA, as its location is just perfect for airplane spawns. If you have a large aircraft fleet, the nearby Los Santos river is the perfect spot. Furthermore, the Videogeddon is the closest arcade to the Diamond Casino, the heist you need an arcade to begin.

The cherry on top is the extra storage space for 10 vehicles. Its front and back doors are placed at great locations as well. This makes it one of the best business properties to buy in GTA Online.

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