Oppressor MK2 is a custom hoverbike in GTA Online. This vehicle is often underrated although it's one of the most overpowered vehicles in this game. Check out this guide on how to get missiles on Oppressor MK2.

Oppressor Mk2 In Gta Online
Oppressor MK2 is a flying motorcycle that can carry weapons.

How to get missiles on Oppressor MK2

Oppressor MK2 is a flying motorcycle that can carry weapons like a military vehicle. It's one of the most overpowered in GTA Online, though a lot of players do not like its overpowered features. Having said that, if you really want to experience the insane speed and its overpowered features, here's how to upgrade this vehicle and equip it with military weapons.

How to upgrade Oppressor MK2 with missile

Although this vehicle is overpowered, there are many ways to upgrade Oppressor MK2 in GTA Online. Here are some steps to get a missile in this powerful vehicle.

  • Choose and buy a nightclub from Maze Bank Foreclosure if you don't have one.
  • Buy a Terrorbyte and customize the new military vehicle.
  • Go to the Services and request the Terrorbyte.
  • Summon the Oppressor Mk2 and drive it to the Terrorbyte and customize it by adding the weapon you want, such as Stock Machine Gun, Explosive MG, and homing missiles.
  • After adding weapons, you exit the Terrorbyte and start to play with the armored MK2.

Don't get off the vehicle when you are upgrading it. There are many customization options you can choose from, but you need to pay money for them.

Get Missiles On Oppressor Mk2 In Gta Online
Buy a Terrorbyte to customize your Oppressor MK2 and get missiles on it.

How much does it cost to put missiles on Oppressor MK2?

Each homing missile for Oppressor MK2 costs $180,000. Note that Oppressor MK2 Missile capacity is limited and it can carry about 20 rockets. Oppressor MK2 has up to 4 rocket launchers. Moreover, the range and performance of the rocket launcher from this vehicle are better than those of Homing Launcher or most other attack vehicles.

If you want to use up the missile capacity on Oppressor MK2, you need to pay a lot of money for 20 missiles. It costs you up to $3.6 million.

In case you determine to earn that whopping amount for your vehicle upgradation, you can refer to these fastest ways to make money in GTA Online for either solo or crew playstyle.

It Has Four Launcher
Oppressor MK2 has up to 4 rocket launchers.

How to use missiles on Oppressor MK2

After equipping the missile to the Oppressor MK2, you can see an aiming point in front of the vehicle. It will move up, down, right, and left when you turn the head of the vehicle. You use that crosshair to aim the target and fire. Here are some steps to fire missiles in GTA Online.

  • Select the Player Targeting Priority from three options, including Strangers, Everyone, and Attackers.
  • Lock the aim at the target until it turns red. Fire the rocket and make sure that you are not launching missiles near the cops or they will shoot you down.

When you use up rockets, you need to turn back to the Terrorbyte to refill them.

Lock The Aim And Fire
Lock the aim and fire the missile to the target.

Best measures to counter homing missiles

Besides the way to upgrade your Oppressor MK2 with missiles, you should know how to counter these missiles if accidentally locked.

When you are targeted, the system will inform you that you are at risk. The missile launchers often have a targeting system that locks on the target to shoot accurately. However, there are some measures to avoid being locked on when the enemies are targeting you.

  • The Chaff will disrupt and disable the missile launchers' targeting system in 10 seconds. The cooldown time for this countermeasure is 5 seconds. Besides, you can only use it 10 times.
Chaff Measure
Chaff can disable the targeting system in 10 seconds.
  • You can also use the Flare to summon flares behind your vehicle to disable the chasing feature of the homing missile by disorienting it. You are limited to use it 20 times. The cooldown time between two uses is 3 seconds.
Countermeasure Againt Missile
Flare is also a useful measure to counter missiles.
  • Players can also disorient the missile and distract the enemy pilot by creating the Smoke trail after you. However, the use of this countermeasure is very limited because the enemy pilot can follow the trail to chase you. But you can use it indefinitely without delay or limited time.
Best Counter Measure
Smoke is not the best countermeasure.

Homing missiles vs Explosive MG

Homing missile is more accurate. It's easier to hit the target with the homing missile than the explosive MG. You can lock the aim and fire accurately as the missile can track the targets. However, you cannot spam missiles like when using the Explosive MG. The targeting system of the missile will show you whether you are aiming accurately or not.

Explosive Mg
Explosive MG is more expensive but it has lower hit damage and a higher rate of fire.

Explosive MG is more expensive than Missile. It costs you up to $275,000. Moreover, it has a higher rate of fire than missiles. However, its hit damage is lower than the missile. You need three shots to explode a car while the missile needs only one hit.

Those are all about how to get missiles on Oppressor MK2 and countermeasures against homing missiles. The missile is better than explosive MG.

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