GTA Union Depository Contract is a new Contract featured in the Los Santos Tuners update released on September 2, 2021. With this new heist, players will have more heist options to choose aside from the Cayo Perico heist gold glitch. Also, the contract has a really good payout while it doesn't take too much time to complete.

Gta Online 7 15 2021 Los Santos Tuners Key Art
The latest GTA Contract was introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update.

1. How much is Union Depository Contract payout?

You can select the Union Depository Contract if it appears on the GTA Online Protagonist's Job Board in their Auto Shop. To access the bank's vault, you need to steal a pass from a corrupt businessman. To get the vault code, you need to blackmail the bank manager.

The GTA Union Depository Contract consists of 2 Free Mode prep missions and one finale. Unlike other Contracts, the payout the host can get is affected by the number of other players since the host cannot hold all the money by themselves. In addition, this is the only Contract that has a payout of over $200,000. With 3 players, the total payout in this mission is $315,000. During 2 weeks, it will be $630,000.

“Depending on the number of players you complete it with the payout will vary, for 3 people it totaled 315K and then the double money brings it to 630,” they said. “Others have said that they got 500k, 530K, 585K, and so on.”

The first time you complete the GTA Union Depository Contract, you will get $75,000 in addition to your payout. All in all, this Contract offers quite a good sum of money for your time and you should definitely try it at least once.

Gta Union Depository Contract
There are 2 prep missions and the finale in this new GTA contract.

2. GTA Union Depository Contract walkthrough

The Union Depository Contract includes 2 prep missions, which are the Elevator Key mission and the Vault Code missions. You need to complete these 2 missions before you can unlock the finale.

Elevator Key

You can activate this mission from the setup board in the Auto Shop. Go to the Del Perro Heights Apartment and kill all enemies there. You will find a corrupt businessman. Search his body for the Elevator Key.

Elevator Key Location Gta Online
Find the corrupt businessman and search his body for the Elevator Key.

Take the elevator to go down to the garage. There will be enemies there so remember to take cover quickly to take them down. Take the security vehicle, which is the blacked-out Gallivanter, and go to one of the 3 marked locations on the map.

Elevator Key Security Car Gta Online
Takedown all the enemies in the garage and take the security vehicle.

Vault Code

You can activate this mission from the setup board in the Auto Shop. Go to the Los Santos International Airport and steal the Police Maverick helicopter. Lose the cop and then fly to the Union Depository parking lot. Put the helicopter in hover mode and use the scanner to find a blue Pfister Comet S2. It is the vehicle of the Bank Manager.

Vault Code Bank Manager Location Gta Online
The blue Pfister Comet S2 is the car of the Bank Manager.

Tail the manager but don't get too close to avoid being detected. You will follow to the Gentry Manor Hotel or the Venetian.

Locate the bank manager on one of the hotel's balconies and take a compromising photo of him.  Send the picture to Sessanta before flying away to complete the mission.

Vault Code Bank Compromising Photo Gta Online
Take a compromising photo of the Bank Manager to get the Vault Code.

The Robbery

This is the finale of the GTA Union Depository Contract. You can activate this mission from the setup board in the Auto Shop. Use the Security Vehicle from the Elevator Key mission and drive to the Union Depository.

Keep your weapon hidden and use the ID Pass to get down the vault location. Open the vault and fill your bag with gold.

The Robbery Gold Gta Online
Fill your bag with the gold in the vault.

Use the elevator to go back up and kill all the enemies. There will be snipers shooting at you from the balcony across the road. You will need a sniper rifle to take them down.

After clearing up the area, run to your escaping vehicle in the parking lot and try to lose the cop. Head to the waypoint to complete the mission.

The Robbery Enemies Gta Online1
Be careful of snipers shooting at you from the balcony across the road.

You can check out the video below more a more detailed look at how to complete this heist.

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