Skills are the unique stats of the player character in both GTA 5 and its Online version. They gradually increase as you play the game and always remain as a crucial factor in every guide for beginners in GTA Online. In this article, we will showcase how to increase skills in GTA 5 Online so that you can strengthen your character as well as how to deal with veterans in the game.

1 - How to increase all skills in GTA 5 Online

There are 7 skills in GTA 5 Online that govern many different aspects of your character.


Stamina determines how long the player can run, swim or cycle at maximum speed before losing health via overexertion. To increase stamina for their GTA Online characters, players only need to do any of the above actions. In the game, every 18 yards (or 16 meters) the player runs, cycles or swims, the stamina skill will raise by 1%. In story mode, this number is 190 yards (or 175 meters).

This is why new players need to sprint around constantly to max Stamina stats - you can get unlimited stamina after maxing out this skill.

Maxing out stats
Maxing out stats in GTA Online is super important.


A high shooting skill reduces reload time, dampens recoil, heightens accuracy and increases ammo capacity. To increase shooting skill in GTA Online, players need to land hits on enemies, complete shooting range challenges and scoring headshots.

Overall, it is best to complete the shooting range challenges first of all. Players will get 3% for gold medals, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze. This method of how to increase skills in GTA 5 Online works the same way in story mode.

Complete challenges in the Shooting Range in GTA 5.


This stat correlates to players' resilience and physical power. It boosts melee damage, improves sporting agility, speeds up ladder climbing and reduces damage taken (including damage to armor). To increase Strength, players need to practicing sport and scoring hits in melee combats. For every 20 punches landed on target, the characters' strength will be raised by 1%.

Damage reduction is overpowered, but not many players care enough to invest in this skill. Playing Golf or Tennis will assist in enhancing this skill. Killing cows on the Grapeseed Farms gives the player almost the same amount of percent for every 20 punches.

GTA Online
Golf is the easiest way to increase strength while having fun.


This skill aids players in remain undetected and allows them to move quickly and quietly when in stealth mode. Players can tap the sprint key once while stealth walking to increase their speed. To increase GTA Online characters' stealth skills, you need to perform silent takedowns in stealth mode while remaining undetected.

For every 2 stealth takedowns you land, the stealth skill will be increased by 1.5%. Every 40 yards the player walks in stealth mode will increase it by 1%. While often overlooked, this skill is actually pretty useful in both Online and Story Mode. Stealth mode will remove the players' blip on the radar in death matches - they are determined by noise and line of sight.


This determines players' skills in flying planes in GTA. With a high level flying skill, players can land, take off and manage turbulence more easily. To increase GTA Online flying skill, players need to fly for sustained periods and complete flight school challenges. For every gold medal you get in flight school, your flying skill increases by 3 to 5%. This works the same in Story Mode.

On the other hand, you can passively increase your skill by 1% for every 10 minutes of flying. Flying under a bridge will increase the Flying skill by 1%.

Flight school
Getting Gold Medal in Flight school is the fastest way to max out your stats.


This skill correlates with players' driving skills for cars and motorcycles. The higher the skill, the easier you can pop wheelies and retain control while airborne. To improve driving skill in GTA Online, you need to do wheelies and landing successfully in big jumps. Every second spent in the air while driving will increase your driving skill by 1% and every successful Stunt Jump gives 2 or 3%.

You can also passively increase your driving skill by driving carefully and not hit anything. This works the same way in story mode.

Lung Capacity

This stat represents how long the player character can hold their breath underwater before losing health. To increase lung capacity, you only need to swim underwater - every minute spent underwater increases your Lung Capacity by 1%. At the start, a character can only hold their breath for 15 seconds before taking damage... but for each 20% milestone of this skill, you will get an extra 5 seconds.

The best part is that using Scuba Suit or Rebreather while underwater also counts. Just grab one of those and AFK underwater to max out your Lung Capacity.

2 - How to level up your Special Ability in GTA 5

Besides how to increase skills in GTA 5 Online, you should also note that protagonists in GTA 5's story mode have one special ability each. Here's how you can level up the special ability of these characters.


Michael's Special ability is Bullet Time. While active, Michael enters a bullet-time-like effect, allowing him to slow time and gain the advantage in shootouts. To level up this ability, you need to score headshots, do yoga, drinking wheatgrass, execute stealth takedowns... and maintaining high speeds in vehicles.

GTA 5 protagonists
Each character in GTA 5's story mode has a different ability.


Franklin's ability, Driving Focus, allows him to slow down time while driving any land vehicle. Increase it by driving against traffic flow, maintaining high speeds in vehicles, and narrowly avoid crashing as Franklin.


Trevor's special skill is Red Mist, which allows him to take less damage and inflict more damage on others, practically making him invincible. To increase this skill, you need to do things that anger him like taking damage, running into pedestrians, getting hit by vehicles, falling over, killing enemies, scoring headshots... and maintaining high speed on a vehicle.

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