In GTA 5, there is a wide range of flying vehicles. All these flying vehicles have their own characteristics such as speed, flight height, distance before takeoff, etc. You can choose to buy the planes, especially from stores, or just steal from the airports. Knowing how to fly planes in GTA 5 can help you reach your destination anywhere on the map in a short period of time.

How to fly a plane in GTA 5 PC

It is not easy at first to figure out how to fly airplane in GTA 5. "W" and "S" buttons are responsible for acceleration and deceleration. "Q" and "E" buttons help tilt the plane in different directions. It is useful when taking off or during landing.

To operate the aircraft in the air, you must press the "Num Lock" button, the numbers 8 and 5 on the keyboard are responsible for the up and down plane tilt, numbers 4 and 6 are responsible for tilting the plane from the left to right sides.

At first glance, everything seems very hard, but after some training can easily learn how to fly a plane in GTA 5 and perform tricks. In addition to that the plane is a universal vehicle, because it helps deliver cargo or passengers to their destination. When you are flying at maximum height, you may not be afraid of rockets.

How to fly plane in GTA 5 - Flight School

The flight school is located at Los Santos International Airport, in the southern part of the map. To perform the different tests it is recommended to use Trevor because he is the best pilot of the three, so it will be easier to stabilize your machines. There are 8 events with planes, 2 helicopter lessons, and 2 in parachuting before you know how to fly planes in GTA 5 PC.

The helicopter tests can be a little tricky if you have never flown one in the game because there is no familiarization with operating the machine. You are immediately thrown into a timed course. You have to pass each test to unlock the next one, but you can chain them all together and even start them over again to improve your score.

The flight school is useful enough to succeed in the various challenges (parachuting, flight under bridges). Completing Flight School is mandatory for 100% Completion and will give your character 100% Flying Skills once the course is completed. At this point, you certainly know how to fly plane in GTA 5 PC.

How to fly planes in GTA 5 (1/6)


You just need to accelerate all the way without touching the direction buttons or the rudder. When the rear of the plane rises by itself you can take off by following instructions. Once you have taken off, do not forget to withdraw your landing gear, otherwise, you will fail the test.

how to fly planes in gta 5

Line up at the checkpoint in front of you and go through it. Never release the accelerator, and adjust your altitude carefully.

GOLD = 00:32:00


You start in-flight while maintaining the plane's acceleration. Descend gradually but try to aim at the start of the runway and deploy your landing gear. Once you are very close to the ground, slow down and keep your finger pressed on the brake until the plane no longer bounces and is grounded but does not stop.

how to fly planes in gta 5

Continue to the checkpoint. If you are not flying straight, use the rudder to get in line. At the checkpoint turn left and stop with the brake at the last checkpoint, neither further nor before.

GOLD = 00:35:00

How to fly planes in GTA 5 (2/6)


Take off as you have learned and go through the checkpoint. The goal here is to fly upside down so while the instructor is talking your ears off, do not hesitate to gain altitude without moving your plate. You can start rolling while he is speaking to save time. Once the red gauge is filled, return the plane to horizontal and regain altitude.

how to fly planes in gta 5

Then you will have to roll 3 barrels in a row. Get back straight after that otherwise you will not be able to continue. Once passed, it will be necessary to fly upside down, again gaining altitude is recommended. Put yourself upside down and stay the course, once the red gauge is filled back to the right place.

GOLD = 01:40:00


Take off and go through the checkpoint at the end of the runway. To succeed in this challenge, you have to understand that while doing the knife, your plane tends to behave like Newton's apple. To remedy this it is necessary to use the rudder. Put yourself on the knife maneuver and once done hold the button opposite to the side of the plane that faces the ground.

how to fly planes in gta 5

If you are doing the knife on the left side, press the right button of the rudder. Between each knife flight, remember to recover. Once again, gaining altitude from the start is useful.

GOLD = 00:54:00

How to fly planes in GTA 5 (3/6)


The test consists of a marked course at a low altitude. There is no particular stunt to do and the timing is generous enough to get there. Consider using the rudder for small course adjustments and even for most turns that are large enough.

how to fly planes in gta 5

The most delicate part takes place over the goods port since it will be necessary to maneuver the downward turn so as not to miss the beacon. Missing a checkpoint does not eliminate you, you will just receive a time penalty.

GOLD = 02:15:00


You are already in flight and aligned with your target so stay on course. Go through the checkpoint then descend quickly in altitude and start to brake. It does not look like it from above, but the bridge on which we have to land is actually very short. So slow down before hitting the ground and keep your finger pressed on the brake.

how to fly planes in gta 5

Be careful to manage any rebounds, stay straight with the rudder, and stop at the target.

GOLD = 10.00 (distance from the finish, either before or after)

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How to fly planes in GTA 5 (4/6)


This time you have to loop. Take off and go through the checkpoint, you know the usual. Gain a lot of altitude, to make sure you don't end up crashing into a beach or a building. The most important thing is to keep your plate as horizontal as possible. At the instructor's signal, pull back as much as possible, until the red gauge is filled.

how to fly planes in gta 5

Once the looping is done, go back to horizontal and do not hesitate to gain altitude. Repeat the move as many times as requested. The last stunt will ask you to do a half loop and then straighten with a barrel. Begin your looping and once the red gauge is filled, stop and tilt to make a barrel roll and get back to horizontal.

GOLD = 01:35:00


The course is fairly straightforward, though controlling the heli can be a little difficult to manage than the stunt plane. Use the rudders to control your movements.

how to fly planes in gta 5

How to fly planes in GTA 5 (5/6)


Pay attention to metal objects. When you reach the second bridge of the course, you'll have to fly in-between the metal structure on BOTH sides. Keep a low altitude or you'll crash into it.

how to fly planes in gta 5


When descending towards the target, follow instructions to make the parachute descend slower. This will give you enough time to see how far you'll be from the drop zone.

how to fly planes in gta 5

How to fly planes in GTA 5 (6/6)


Landing on a moving object is much more difficult than it looks. In order to make the landing properly, fly the parachute in circles so that the moving object can get further from its original location.

how to fly planes in gta 5

Once the moving object is within a far enough distance, begin descending down towards it to make the drop zone. Remember to descend slowly.


This course is simply laid out yet quite frustratingly tough to complete. You'll need to use Knife, Inverted, and upside-down maneuvers to complete the course without crashing. The first toughest part of the course is when you reach the downtown area, where you'll have to use a Knife maneuver between buildings.

how to fly planes in gta 5

The second toughest part of the course is when you reach Vespucci Beach. You'll need to use an upside-down maneuver without hitting the palm trees.

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