After GTA 5 hit the shelves, it quickly became one of the most popular games of the year, and for good reason. In addition to the thrill of stealing cars and being a complete jerk, the player has the freedom to explore the open world in various ways. You can play golf, go to a bar or just drive on the beach. You can even learn how to swim in GTA 5, either in Michael's underground pool or in the ocean itself.

In the most recent GTA game, the pool areas are quite widespread, and they are not the only underwater areas for exploration and to search for interesting things. Also, the physics of the water and wet clothes are great to look at, because they were made at the highest level.

How to swim in GTA 5

Remember, more than just swimming, the swimming skill helps you stay underwater for longer and gives more swimming speed. To be the best swimmer in Los Santos you have to train hard and participate in different competitions. Also, you can find underwater treasures and they are only at the bottom of the ocean. However, you need special equipment or submersible.

By knowing how to swim in GTA 5, you can earn good money this way and find more fun things to do in the game.

For swimming, it will be necessary to press the "W" key, the same as running. For speeding up you can add the "Shift" key. For diving, you have to press "space". You are going to dive and point the way where you want to move with the mouse cursor. Swimming offers different advantages and it is fun to do. For example, knowing how to swim in GTA 5 PC lets you:

  • Explore the underwater world
  • Enjoy the landscapes of the deep sea
  • Take part in the swimming race
  • Escape the patrolled areas when underwater

Steps on how to swim in GTA 5 PC

1. Find a body of water.

Because GTA V takes place in a region inspired by California, finding a body of water is not exactly a challenge. If you play as Michael, you can practice swimming in your own backyard. If you want to try swimming in a more open area, there are some open lakes that feed on rivers.

how to swim in gta 5

  • The Tataviam mountain range has a large body of water in the center, and is located on the outskirts of Los Santos, in the northeast.
  • North of Los Santos, located in the middle of Vinewood, is another large lake.
  • Aside from the ocean, the largest body of water is the Alamo Sea, which is fed by several small rivers. The Alamo Sea is located west of Sandy Shores.
  • The world of GTA V is surrounded on all sides by water, so if you continue in one direction long enough, you will surely find the ocean in time.

2. Enter the water

You can enter the water simply by walking inside it. Once the depth passes over your character's head, they will immediately start stepping on the water.

how to swim in gta 5

3. Start swimming

To swim forward in the water, use the joystick (PS3, Xbox 360) or the directional keys (PC). To speed up your character's speed, repeatedly tap the X button (PS3), the A button (Xbox 360), or the Shift key (PC).

how to swim in gta 5

4. Dive

If the water is above your character's head, then you can try diving below the surface. Press the R1 button (PS3), the RB button (Xbox 360), or the Q key (PC), and your character will dive below the surface. Once underwater, swim using the same controls that you would use on the surface.

how to swim in gta 5

5. Attack when swimming.

While underwater, the only weapon you can use is the knife. In case you need to fend off sharks, you can equip the knife by pressing the L1 button (PS3), the LB button (Xbox 360), or the Tab key (PC). With the knife equipped, attack by pressing the circular button (PS3), the B button (Xbox 360), or the R key (PC).

You can attack while submerged or while standing on surface water.

6. Check your health

Because your character is only human, you cannot remain submerged forever. There is a light blue meter in the lower-left corner of the screen, next to your character's health. This indicates how long they can remain underwater. Once the blue light meter runs out, your character will quickly begin to lose health. If you don't emerge before his health runs out, you will die.

how to swim in gta 5

7. Surface

Here's where you need to know how to swim up in GTA 5. If the health meter is running low, surface quickly. To reach the surface again, simply press the joystick/directional arrow up toward the surface of the water. To get to the surface faster, tap the X button (PS3), the A button (Xbox 360), or the Shift key (PC).

how to swim in gta 5

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